Megibung, Establishing Togetherness through Cuisines

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Megibung tradition is eating together
Megibung tradition of eating together is now offered at villa.

EXPLORING Bali Island seems to need much time to know more about its beauty and traditions. Like other regions across this archipelago, some traditions have vanished, while some others remain to survive so far. Some existing traditions become intriguing tourist attractions.

Related to culinary delights, the region of Karangasem has a unique tradition named megibung or communal eating. It is said this tradition originates in the seventeenth century during the administration of I Gusti Anglurah Ketut Karangasem.

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Today, this megibung tradition remains in practice commonly made after a ceremony. Several groups of people are sitting together with cross-legged in a circle. Then, various Balinese dishes are put in the center of the circle and ready to be enjoyed together. In essence, it wants to establish a cheerfulness, togetherness and intimacy through delicacy heritage.

Inspired by this tradition, the Tony’s Villa Bali at Seminyak would like to share the spirit and give new experience of enjoying Balinese traditional dishes in togetherness. This can be served as lunch or dinner at restaurant. However, if guests desire a more

private atmosphere, it can be served at villa. For preparation, guests are expected to make a reservation one day in advance.

This megibung delicacy includes shredded chicken, sayur urab (assorted vegetables with grated coconut sauces), chicken t

wisted satay, fried shrimp, marinated tempeh, Balinese-spiced fish wrapped in banana leaf and soy pork.

Now, guests have the opportunity to explore the local delicacy along with its spirit other than discovering cultural uniqueness and panorama. (Photo courtesy:

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