The Water Blow of Nusa Dua, Serenity and Beautiful Sunrise

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The Waterblow Nusa Dua
The Waterblow of Nusa Dua offers crashing waves against rock.

LOVELY overlay of white sand really lures travelers when making a visit to Nusa Dua Beach. So, do not miss the opportunity to stroll. So, what is the difference from the other white sandy beach? The difference is that the beach spreads around two tiny sister islands, namely the Nusa Dharma and Nusa Gede (Peninsula).

In recent years, Nusa Gede or Peninsula hosts the implementation of Nusa Dua Fiesta. This very strategic place within the area of the BTDC ​​Nusa Dua is flanked by two beaches, on the right and left.

The location is behind the Bali Collection. For the safety of the area as well as the security of visitors, you will go through several security checks. If you do not know the way to the area, ask for information to the officers on duty.

When arrived in front of the entrance area to ​​the island, you will meet an inscription stone saying Nusa Dua Peninsula Island, the Garden of Hope. After walking some meters along the pathway clockwise, you will see the gates of the Water Blow.

Through the gate, the expanse of blue sea is visible. When the waves are huge (not quiet), you will see waves hitting the rock cliffs. By passing through lava rocks along the path on the sidelines of sharp coral and coastal tropical plants, you will arrive at the end and take photographs at the water blow point.  It is equipped with limited safety fence, so please be careful. Many visitors take advantage of this to snapshot, watch sunrise view or even make pre-wedding photo shooting.

For your safety, remember the warning installed in front of the entrance gates to the area where you are not allowed to swim because the waves are dangerous, high and there are steep cliff, slippery rocks, sharp corals and strong currents.

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