• Besakih Temple as the Mother Temple of Bali

    BESAKIH Temple is the largest temple complex in Bali as a place of worship for the Hindus. This wonderful temple consists of a main temple (Penataran Agung) and eight companion temples. Besakih Temple perched on the foot of Mount

  • Never Miss Barong Dance When Visiting Bali

    WHEN spending your holidays in Bali, you may want to see or watch the typical cultural attractions of the Island of the Gods. One of the cultural attractions of Bali is a traditional Balinese art performance called Barong and

  • Celuk Village, a Shopping Oasis of Gold and Silver Jewelry

    WHEN traveling to the Gianyar area, especially when entering Celuk Village, you will find many silver and gold smith business signboards on the left and right of the road. Of course, this village has long been a center for

  • Mertasari Beach, a Hidden Treasure Owned by Denpasar

    MERTASARI Beach serves a pure tropical island experience. As one of the beaches owned by Denpasar, the Mertasari Beach is situated in the southeastern part of Sanur. To be precise, it is tranquilly perched in the corner of Sanur

  • Pandawa Beach, a Newly Created and Exotic Beach

    THERE’S more to Bali than just distinctive cultures, and beautiful beaches are the perfect example. From above, the coastline looks like the dramatic Timbis Cliff with the waves crashing against the rocks below. Take a swim on the Pandawa