ATBM, Non-mechanical Loom Behind Beautiful Fabrics

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ATBM or non-mechanical loom.
ATBM or non-mechanical loom.

NINE regions of Bali do not only show off distinctive arts and cuisines, but also beautiful crafts. One of the famous crafts is fabric. So far, quite few people remain to inherit this tradition of weaving.

Their weaving activity produces some typical fabrics such as endek, songket and geringsing. Many of them are made by traditional weavers using simple loom and it takes long enough time to complete. However, the more modern loom has been created today known as Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin (ATBM) or non-mechanical loom. This equipment is made from solid timber assembled in such a way and operated manually. This loom is driven by treadle to regulate the rise and fall of lungsi yarn at the time of coming and going of yarn feed. It can be operated while sitting on chair. By all means, this loom finally can help them produce the fabric faster.

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