Watching Sunset, Don’t Forget to Taste Klepon

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Klepon cake
Ball-like klepon cake contains sugar inside.

TRAVELING to see beautiful nature and unique local culture is remarkably absorbing. However, it seems incomplete without making the time to try the local food or drink. Every region across Indonesia indeed is rich in distinctive foods. So, there are always many reasons to explore the region in Indonesia.

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When visiting Tanah Lot in Tabanan, for instance, along the road section of Kerobokan-Tanah Lot near Pandak village you will encounter some klepon traders at road side. Similarly, the cake can also be found around the Tanah Lot tourist attraction. In the afternoon, they have been ready to sell their delicious cake.

Klepon has been identical to Tanah Lot. So, it’s not surprising when making a visit to Tanah Lot, families or neighbors will ask to buy them the cake. Klepon has the same size as meatball. Inside, this hollow cake contains palm sugar sauce mixed with grated coconut. When biting this cake, sorry, we must shut our mouth in order the sauce will not splash out of the mouth. And the sweet sauce can be entirely tasted. It is made of white sticky rice and added with natural green coloring by using the extract of suji leaf. Meanwhile, the black one uses the natural color of black sticky rice. Therefore, the whole ingredients are natural.

Other than at Tanah Lot tourist attraction, this cake is also commonly sold at traditional market across Bali. However, since the traditional markets usually open in the morning, get ready to hunt it in the morning. Alternatively, if you happen to have a morning market visit in the itinerary, it’s a good time to take advantage of the opportunity to hunt it.

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