Bunut Bolong: Ficus Tree Tunnel at West Off-Beaten Track

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Bunut Bolong Object
Ficus tree tunnel or Bunut Bolong at Manggisari in Jembrana, West Bali.

WEST Bali retains some potential eco-tourism objects worth visiting. One of them is the Bunut Bolong or ficus tree tunnel. It is situated at Manggisari, Pekutatan, Jembrana, approximately 86 km west from Denpasar. Though it has not been equipped with adequate supporting facilities, this object offers adequately cool climate and beautiful panorama at the surroundings. Besides, the road access leading to Pupuan is smooth.

Uniquely, the ficus tree with the tunnel grows right on the Pekutatan-Pupuan road section and is as wide as the road. Meanwhile, the aerial roots grow bigger around the tunnel supporting the main tree. From a distance, it looks like a naturally artistic entrance gate overgrown by dense greenery.

In the south of the fig tree at eastern side of the road lies the Pujangga Sakti Temple, while on the western side was established a shrine with typical effigy in the form of tiger. According to the legend, the temple was established as a special tribute to an ancient sage named Danghyang Sidhimantra. Once upon a time, he dropped in at the village in a series of his pilgrimage on the island. It happened a few hundreds years ago.

Atmosphere of the surrounding nature is so cool because the location is surrounded by the overlay of verdant clove plantation. Besides, in the northwest of the tunnel tree you can see the spread of hill ranges and valley filled with lush tropical garden with gradation color from green to blue. For a convenient passing, a path has been built next (west side of) the ficus tree. Thus, the tunnel tree becomes a one-way road section.

To release the hustles and bustles of the urban life, this object is worth visiting. Aside from exuding cool ambiance as sits on highland, the scenery also generates peacefulness in our mind. It is an appropriate getaway for relaxation.


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