Lempog, a Tasty Colorful Cassava Cake

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Lempog cake
Lempog cake is made from cassava.

CONSISTING of eight regencies and a municipality, Bali Island has the diversity of culture and traditions, including its cuisine. Balinese food treasure is just like a magnificent rainbow of tastes, colors and shapes. Its food, for instance, can be made from rice and cassava.

One of the cakes made of cassava is the so-called lempog. With a little creativity, this lempog can be made variedly by adding coloring agent, chocolate powder and the like. Hence, it will look good and taste flavorsome. In the past, local people often served it for snack when conducting activities in paddy field, social activities or mutual assistance.

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This cake is made from ingredients as follows: 1 kg cleansed cassava (peeled out), 100 ml of squeezed suji leaf (used for green coloring agent), 1 tbsp chocolate powder, 100 g sugar, ½ tbsp salt and ¼ coconut (grated) or chocolate granules for optional topping.

How to make it? (1) Steam the cassava flesh until cooked. Take out and add with sugar and salt. Then, pound it until tender resembling flour batter. (2) Divide the batter into three portions. One portion is mixed with chocolate powder to make the brown layer, and steam again. Another portion is added with the squeeze of suji leaf to make the green layer. Slowly, knead it until its green color mixed evenly. Then, steam again. The last portion is let in its original color. (3) If the steamed batters have been well done, flatten them by roller of glass bottle or the like. The three batters are then rolled together. Ultimately, cut them crosswise in the size you prefer. To serve, it can be added with topping like grated coconut or chocolate granules.

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