Classical and Traditional Paintings in Kandarupa ‘Danu Hulu Manu’

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Lukisan Taman Beji
Painting entitled 'Taman Beji' or literally Spring Garden by I Wayan Derta was exhibited in Bali Kandarupa exhibition at Kriya Building, Bali Art Center in series of the BAF 2022.

Bali Kandarupa is a large exhibition that displays works of classical and traditional art as well as the latest derivative achievements. This annual event, a series of agendas for the Bali Arts Festival (BAF) XLIV, will take place on 12 June-10 July 2022. An open invitation is given to Balinese painters and sculptors.

This year’s BAF theme, ‘Danu Kerthi Uluning Amreta’ (Glorifying the Water of the Source of Life), is in line with Bali Kandarupa which carries the title ‘Danu Hulu Manu (The literature of water behavior creating a look). Conceptually, Danu Hulu Manu is a series of creative processes and achievements by Balinese artists in interpreting and developing the aesthetics and stylistics of Balinese classical and traditional arts that flow dynamically like water behavior, namely passing through the cross-section of times with genius from generation to generation.

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Bali Kandarupa has the slogan Image, Memory and Identity which was designed to be dedicated as a space for appreciation to the existence of classical and traditional art in Bali which is growing dynamically along with new creativity that remains rooted in the memory of agrarian culture, classical images and technical heritage that are capable of affirming identity, namely the Balinese art self.

This year’s Bali Kandarupa was held in four different venue, namely the Kriya Building of Bali Art Center, Denpasar (23 artists), Puri Lukisan Museum (30), Neka Art Museum (29) and ARMA (39). Overall, this year’s exhibition was attended by 121 artists, where 10 of them are sculptors. The youngest artist this time is Gede Apriadi Saputra (15 years old from Nagasepaha, Buleleng) while the oldest is I Wayan Pendet (83 years old from Ubud, Gianyar).

The curators of the paintings involved in this year’s exhibition are AA Gede Rai, Prof. Dr. Wayan Kun Adnyana and Warih Wisatsana. Meanwhile, some of the participating artists included I Gede Agus Mahardika, I Wayan Dana Wirawan, I Gede Widyantara, I Ketut Balik Parwata, I Made Awan, I Mada Kasna, I Made Sunarta, I Wayan Wira, Wayan Wijaya and others.

The paintings exhibited at the Kriya Building, for example, generally depict the life of the Balinese people, their unique nature and culture. Some of the paintings on display include Tirta Empul by I Wayan Dana Wirawan (134 x 84 cm), acrylic paint on canvas; Sea of ​​Tourists on Kuta Beach by I Gede Widyantara (90 x 150 cm), black ink and acrylic color on canvas; Goddess Danu by Pande Wayan Brata (150 x 100 cm); Taman Beji (Spring Garden) by Wayan Derta (70×85 cm); and The Nature of Bali by I Made Sunarta (115 x 90 cm), acrylic on canvas.

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