Ardha Candra Amphitheater Welcomes to Host Annual Shows

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Bali Art Center
The Ardha Candra Amphitheater at Bali Art Center, Denpasar, is usually taken advantage to host colossal art performances, including the ones during the BAF. (Photo: Allabali)

Balinese art extravaganza that will jazz up the Bali Arts Festival (BAF) will endlessly pamper visitors for almost a month. The BAF seems to have been synonymous with Ardha Candra Amphitheater (Open Stage). It happens because it always hosts the colossal performance.

The U-shape stage features long seats to enable large capacity of spectators. The stage was artistically designed in Balinese architectural style and ornaments. It has three doors, one main door and two additional ones in left and right side.

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Meanwhile, the carpet in use is read in harmony with the nuance of exterior elements of the stage and seats. Then, the space between the stage and spectators’ seat sits a pond to make a wonderful separator.

Ardha Candra Amphitheater

Among the stages in the Bali Art Center, the largest one is the Ardha Candra Amphitheater. Every colossal art performance in the series of the Bali Arts Festival (BAF). which requires a large area, the Ardha Candra Stage is always the venue. They are pop songs, drama gong, arja operetta, Ramayana Ballet and sequel of Mahabharata epic, gong kebyar and the like.

Aside from hosting colossal art performances, Ardha Candra open stage is also taken advantage for official opening and closing of BAF and other events. The stage which has been one of the icons of this cultural center that can accommodate up to 6,000 spectators.

BAF, which has been held annually since 1979, has become a means to explore and preserve culture in order to improve the welfare of the Balinese people. This culture includes philosophy, noble and universal values, basic concepts, to material and intangible cultural heritage with high historical value. Apparently, this event proved successful in terms of attracting visitors, especially school students who are enjoying their school holidays as well as domestic and foreign tourists.

Among the art festival held in Bali, the Bali Arts Festival may be the longest and busiest one. So do not forget the opportunity to visit the Bali Art Center and watch various colossal performances in the Ardha Candra Amphitheater.

For information, the Bali Arts Festival 2023 is held from June 18-July 16, 2023. The opening parade will be organized in front of Bajra Sandhi Monument. All art envoys from districts and municipality across Bali will make performance in front of the honorary stage and then resumed with the parade passing through the Jalan Raya Puputan and turn right in the traffic light in the corner of the Puputan Margarana Square leading to the Office of Bali Governor.

Distance to Bali Art Center

Bali Art Center is located on Jalan Nusa Indah, Denpasar. It is about 8 km from Sanur via Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai and Jalan Hayam Wuruk, 20 km from Ubud (via Jalan WR Supratman), 13 km from Kuta (via Jalan Taman Pancing) and 24 km from Nusa Dua (via Bali Mandara Toll Road).

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