Batu Bolong Temple, an Exquisite Temple in Tanah Lot Neighbor

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Batu Bolong Temple
Batu Bolong Temple located within the area of Tanah Lot Temple, Tabanan.

Aside from Tanah Lot Temple, to the west there is also a temple called Enjung Galuh Temple. Well, to the west again about 100 meters there is Batu Bolong Temple. This temple is no less wonderful and majestic because it is located on a land jutting into the sea.

As the name suggests, Batu Bolong (literally means hollow stone) Temple was built on a headland with a hole underneath like a canal. Here Hindus worship Lord Varuna, the god of the sea.

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This temple features seven shrines that stand firmly. The main shrine is dedicated to the worship of Lord Varuna. The other shrines are Saren Kaja as representative sanctum of Mount Agung, Sanggar Agung Shrine, Mekel Shrine as representative sanctum of Dalem Ped, Sanggar Agung, representative shrine of Ratu Niang Segara, and Pancer Shrine.

Piodalan or anniversary festival at Batu Bolong Temple falls on the same day as the one at Tanah Lot Temple, which falls on Buda (Wednesday) Wage or Buda Cemeng Langkir. Although it is supported by 50 families, this temple is open to the public and anyone can pay homage here.

The Batu Bolong Temple area is always used to hold the Melasti Ceremony for self-purification of the people along with ritual paraphernalia and to hold the Pakelem Ceremony, which is part of the butha yadnya intended to instill a spirit of love for natural resources, in this case water sources.

Wonderful attractions

Visitors can enjoy the fresh air and cool sea breeze from the shady garden in front of Enjung Galuh Temple. If you want to take a selfie with the background of Batu Bolong Temple, you can do it right from here. It will be even more beautiful if you make a visit in the afternoon when the sun will set.

Well, please always be careful when taking pictures with your back to the cliff. Although it has been fenced around, visitors are advised not to lean on the fence. Also pay attention to other instructions from officers for safety. Of course, all visitors also hope to bring home all the good memories.

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