Barong and Kris Dance Entertains Tourists for Almost 75 Years

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Barong Ket
Illustration of Barong Ket. (Image: Allabali)

The Barong and Kris Dance serving as one of the icons of daily performance in Bali tourism is a legendary art show and presented regularly every day for tourists. This performance takes place from 09:00 am to 10:00.

Well, after watching this Barong and Kris Dance, they continue their tourist activities by taking city tours or while some others visit Mas Village (wooden handicraft), Ubud (art market et cetera) to see up close various craft arts or traveling to Kintamani, Bangli, to see Mount and Lake Batur.

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Barong dance specifically for tourists includes balih-balihan (entertainment art) or also called profane art. While there is also a sacred version, but it is specifically staged in relation to yadnya ceremonies at temples.

A brief History

This dance was composed by I Made Kredek from Singapadu in 1948 by taking the story of Kunti Sraya in the epic story of Mahabharata. This performance is packaged in such a way that it can last an hour, using non-sacred masks. Gamelan Bebarongan music is used to accompany ther performance. Over time, the theme of this story was imitated by barong art troupe from Batubulan.


First of all, Sahadewa is said to be tied in the middle of the forest because his mother, Kunti Devi, will offer him to Rangda. Fortunately, the help immediately came from Lord Shiva who gave him the gift of immortality.

Thanks to the gift, Rangda cannot eat it. He finally gives up and asks to be freed from the curse in order to enter heaven. The kindhearted Sahadeva grants her wish so Rangda can attain moksha.

On another occasion, Kalika, a follower of Rangda, came to Sahadeva as well. With the same goal, she begs to be saved. Unfortunately, the application is rejected. Of course, this angers her and a war between them is inevitable. Kalika transforms into Rangda while Sadeva becomes Barong. Apparently, the two fighters have equal strength, so the fight ends with a draw.

Then, Kalika turns herself into a wild boar and fights against Sahadeva. The boar can be subdued. Not satisfied with the defeat, she turns herself into a bird again, but is defeated again. Finally, she turns himself into a Rangda.

Meanwhile, Sadewa meditates and then he transforms himself into Barong. Still, Rangda is too strong and the fight is endless. After that, the followers of Sahadeva (Barong) who are armed with kris came. Once again, one by one they are defeated by Rangda. They are even bewitched into attacking themselves. Thanks to God’s will, the followers of Barong are given the power to be immune.

Barong and Keris Dance is performed on several stages, such as at Batubulan (several stages), Denpasar (Suwung Kawuh and Kertalangu Tourism Village), Ubud and GWK.

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