Tanah Lot, Floating Temple from Fifteenth Century

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Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot Temple in Kediri, Tabanan. (Image: Allabali)
  • TANAH LOT Temple looks like floating at high tide presents exotic views to visitors
  • Apart from this, there are still a number of temples that are no less beautiful because they are both located on the beach, such as the Batubolong, Enjung Galuh and others.

Even though we watch sunset every day, it doesn’t seem boring for us to keep looking at it. The natural allure and mystical charm  imagined brings us into an atmosphere of romance.

Tanah Lot Temple, located at Beraban Village, Kediri, Tabanan, for example, is able to provide a different atmosphere. This tourist destination, which is about 30 km West of Denpasar and about 300 meters from the coastline, presents a mix of wonderful natural landscapes, beautiful ocean backdrops and sunsets in the afternoon.

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It is said that Tanah Lot Temple was founded in the 15th century by a Hindu spiritual figure, Dang Hyang Nirartha, who is highly respected in Bali. He came from the Majapahit Kingdom in East Java on an important pilgrimage and the spread of Hinduism to the East.

Well, when he arrived at the beautiful location, Tanah Lot Beach, he built a site to honor the god of the sea, Lord Varuna. At that location, he later shared his teachings with the residents of Beraban Village.

Now, this great temple in Tabanan standing in the middle of the sea has become one of the most important landmarks for the Island of the Gods. This ancient Hindu temple with 7 sacred buildings is perched on a rock like a bijou island in the middle of the waves in the tidal zone. Several times the land on which this temple sits has received a technical touch for the sake of conservation of the rock which is continuously crushed by the waves of the famous Indonesian Ocean.

Temple Festival

Piodalan or temple festival here is organized every 210 days (6 months in the Balinese calendar), the peak falls on Buda (Wednesday) Wage Langkir. To give flexibility in managing time, people are given the opportunity for 4 days to come and pray. Because the temple is located in the middle of the sea, the ritual committee also makes a chart of the low tides and high tides in the temple area. Thus, the people can set the time of their arrival.


As an area of ​​sacred places and tourist destinations, the Tanah Lot area is operated with modern management by the district government by involving local customary villages.

For convenience, safety and smooth operations, the Tanah Lot tourist attraction is equipped with various supporting facilities such as restaurants, gift shops, toilets, spacious parking lots, gazebos, fences around the beach fringe, CHSE certificate from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy as well as a cultural park for regular performing arts.


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