Denpasar Festival Returns to Enliven Year-end 2022

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Denfes 2022
Denpasar Festival 2022 held on December 21-25. (Image:
  • DENPASAR Festival or Denfes 2022 returns to jazz up year-end celebration in Denpasar Bali
  • Various art performance, educational program, fashion shows and culinary specialties of Denpasar are presented for city-dwellers and travelers

Where to go on vacation towards the end of 2022? Now, the Denpasar City Government comes again with a spectacular annual event entitled Denpasar Festival XV 2022. City dwellers and travelers will be entertained with an abundance of art attractions and educational events such as workshops.

Different from previous years, this Denpasar Festival will take place earlier, namely on December 21-25, 2022 in the heritage area of Jalan Gajah Mada, while in previous years it was usually held on December 28-31.

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Various events are carefully packaged, including opening and closing inaugurations, classical to contemporary art performances, music performances from various genres, fashion events, special and featured culinary delights, theater, podcast/talk shows, indie movies, street carnivals, workshops, and others.

The event was realized by collaborating with artists, creative filmmakers, new and legendary musicians, inspirational figures who attended various workshop sessions, and dozens of MSME players from various sub-sectors of the creative economy.

Entering the 15th year of implementation since 2022, the presence of the Denpasar Festival takes the big theme Tejarasmi. Tejarasmi is a philosophy which means ‘the light of beauty.’ This meaning represents the Denpasar Festival as the dawn of awakening for the people of Denpasar City and a medium for revealing truth (satyam), purity (siwam), and beauty (sundaram).

Denpasar Festival 2022 translates this philosophy into vibrant creativity that evokes various traditional and modern art and cultural events, collaborations between creative economy players at the national and global levels, so of course it becomes a forum for interaction for city dwellers and travelers in the Jalan Gajah Mada area!

The conceptualization of the 15th Denpasar Festival uses a street festival strategy. It is inseparable from the Gajah Mada Heritage Area as a road that holds the historical memory of the transformation of the City of Denpasar. As an area designated as a cultural heritage since 2008, Jalan Gajah Mada is the main access to support holy sites, government centers, markets and green spaces.

Thematically, the Denpasar Festival 2022 carries the theme ‘Light of Beauty’ which represents the festival as the dawn of awakening for Denpasar City residents, especially through cultural innovation and creativity that is born and stretches in public spaces.

The spirit of Tejarasmi permeates all the creative activities of the 15th Denpasar Festival with pleasant experiences under the sun and moon which always balance life. This is also translated into the intention to develop 16 sub-sectors of Indonesia’s creative economy.

These various events will be held spread across five different venues, namely the Catur Muka Area, Wantilan Inna Heritage Bali Hotel, Gajah Mada Stage, Badung Market Plaza and Puputan Square at different times. The following is the schedule for the Denpasar Festival 2022 art performances. For details, please click here.

Day One, Wednesday (December 21) at the Badung Market Plaza

Performances of Balinese Gamelan Arts: Gamelan Gambang by Maniksanti Studio, Gandrung Ketapian Kelod Gamelan, Gamelan Palegongan Bilah Lima by Pagan Kelod, Gamelan Bumbang by Banjar Tengah Sesetan, and Gamelan Baleganjur by Sekaa Telung Barung

Day One, Wednesday (December 21) at Puputan Square

Music performances: Warmadewa University Marching Band, Bali DrumHolics X Naluri Manca X WYP Art Foundation (Banaspatiraja), Pramusti Bali (3G Angels, Ayu Saraswati, Agung Wirasutha, Eka Jaya, Dek Arya, Dewi Pradewi, Tri Puspa, Tiga Siluman and Margie), Excira, Lolot Band.

Day Two, Thursday (December 22) in the Badung Market Plaza

Bebalihan Art Performances: Legong Guak Macok Dance by Cilinaya Studio, Bapang Durga & Bapang Barong Dance by Penabuh Panca Sanak, Mask Dance by Cita Winangun Studio, Traditional Joged Bumbung by Sekaa Joged Lumbung Sari, Bondres STI Bali

Day Two, Thursday (December 22) at Puputan Square

Music Performance: Benten+62, Nirkala Bali, Side Effects, Underground Jazz Movement, Bass Bross

Day Three, Friday (December 23) in the Badung Market Plaza

Bebalihan Art Performances in the form of Sendratasik ‘Jingga Ufuk Timur’ by Khayangan Studio, Stand Up Comedy Indo Bali, Sendratasik ‘Jagat Sakanti’ by Wijahyana Community, Operetta ‘When She Loved Me’ by Teater Dirga,

Day Three, Friday (December 23) at Puputan Square

Music Performances: Sangaji Music School, Balawan Music Training Center, Dunky, Psychomachine, Pherona, Super Soda

Day Four, Saturday (December 24) in the Badung Market Plaza

Contemporary Art Performances: Kanaka Akusara Studio Contemporary Music, Music & Dance Collaborations by Clarence Institute, ‘Suar’ Contemporary Music by Yonggy Swara Studio, Contemporary Music & Dance ‘Heart of the Ocean’ by Sundaram Studio, Glow in the Dark by Naluri Manca

Day Four, Saturday (December 24) at Puputan Square

Music Performance: Farabi Music School, Debeat Music Course, Sanur Voices, Sunari Rocker, White Rose

Day Five, Sunday (December 25) in the Badung Market Plaza

Fashion Shows by Adiyogi Yogasana & Odisi Fusion Presented by the Consulate General of India, Bali Cosplay Community, DEKRANASDA Denpasar City Fashion Show supported by ISI Denpasar and IDB, Costume Carnival of the Big 5 D’Youth Festival and Flashmob

Day Five, Sunday (December 25) at Puputan Square

Music Performances: UTE, The Jings, Mesandal Keroncong, Skool of Rox (2nd place in Indie, Youth Fest 2022), Twenty Ten (1st place in Indie, Youth Fest 2022), Tri Brother

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