Angel’s Billabong, Natural Ocean-Front Infinity Pool

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Angel's Billabong
Angel's Billabong in Nusa Penida, Bali. (Image: WonderfulImages/Kemenparekraf)

Nusa Penida Island, southeast of Bali, is increasingly popular for its exotic natural tourist destinations. One of the most favorite is Angel’s Billabong. From day to day more and more tourists come here. The beauty of Angel’s Billabong Nusa Penida is no longer in doubt.

What is Angel’s Billabong?

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The name Angel’s Billabong comes from two English words, namely “Angel” and the word “Billabong” which means a dead end or mouth of a river. So Angel’s Billabong in Nusa Penida is a place in the form of a river estuary with the beauty of an angel.

The final mouth of this river is directly adjacent to a rock cliff, so that it can be said that when viewed from the mainland, the background is the deep sea with blue water. This amazing natural phenomenon features beautiful and enchanting natural pool or lagoon. Moreover, it is said that the beauty of this natural phenomenon is second to none anywhere.

When conditions are safe and no waves reach the trough, many tourists use this opportunity to swim. They do not only want to witness the beauty, but also to feel or experience it. Since it is directly adjacent to the open ocean, the puddles can immediately spill or flow like an infinity pool.

In order to get a quieter atmosphere while visiting this destination, try to arrive early when other guests are still enjoying breakfast or sleeping at their hotel.

Meanwhile for safety and comfort, visitors are expected to always be alert or careful when wishing to swim because under certain conditions or high tide waves can come at any time.

How to get there?

To get to Nusa Penida from Bali, visitors can cross via Sanur by fast boat at the newly established Matahari Terbit Beach pier. There are many fast boats operating here daily. If you bring a motorbike or vehicle, you can park or park yours overnight at this ample parking lot.

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