Denpasar Festival 2021: Held in Hybrid to Jazz up Year End

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Denfest 2021
Denfest 2021 (Image:

TO close the end of 2021, the Denpasar City Government is now holding the Denpasar Festival XIV that takes place on December 10-23, 2021 to answer the public’s longing for entertainment in the form of performing arts and other creative arts.

In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Denpasar Festival 2021, which is present as a showcase for the dynamics of thinking and creative activities of city residents, will be adjusted to strict health protocols.

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Specifically, the theme of this year’s festival is Arsa Wijaya: Victory of Hope. This theme means that creativity is a unifying force to overcome difficulties, especially the multidimensional crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Creativity is incarnated as a ‘medicine’ for awakening, thus the victory of hope can be achieved.

This event is packaged through various attractive agendas of the festival, such as the inauguration of the Denpasar Festival 2021: Arsa Wijaya ‘Victory of Hope,’ seminars on traditional arts—Dasa Bhavaning Topeng, digital era creativity content workshops, Denpasar arts and cultural events, talkshows and ceremonies of the closing of the Denpasar Festival 2021.

More interestingly, this year’s event has been curated and selected as one of the national-scale festivals by Kharisma Event Nusantara (KEN) from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia 2021.

Denfest’s latest strategy is to implement the festival in a decentralized, innovative, collaborative, and adaptive manner. The Denpasar City Government has prepared a hybrid format for the implementation of the Denpasar Festival, namely online and offline while still strictly paying attention to health protocols through the Kreativi Denpasar YouTube channel.

Apart from Denpasar residents, the participants of this festival are Vietnam through one of the workshop agendas as well as from India and Japan that will also enrich the educational side of the implementation of the new era of Denfest.

Both traditional and modern art will be staged in this festival. Balinese traditional art will be displayed by every customary village from four sub-districts in Denpasar. Meanwhile, modern art is no less interesting as there will be the appearance of the most recent works of new Denpasar artists.

There are also Balinese favorite pop singers who enliven the Denfest, such as Dek Ulik, Putri Bulan, Widi Widiana, Di Ubud feat Lebri, Ray Peny, and others. They are involved both offline and online.

The holding of Denfest based on decentralization, innovation, collaboration and adaptation is solely meant to limit crowds during this pandemic. Not only that, Arsa Wijaya can also be manifested as an emotional bond between the leader and the people, meaning that the people can rely on their leaders and the leaders have the support of their people.

In short, the Arsa Wijaya is an ideal character who fosters hope and strengthens the belief that the challenges that come your way can be anticipated and conquered.

In details, here are the distribution of venues for the Denpasar Festival 2021 spreading across the four subdistricts of Denpasar.

  • Dharma Negara Alaya (DNA)
  • Badung Market
  • Badung Market Plaza
  • North Denpasar: Wantilan Hall of Poh Gading Customary Village
  • West Denpasar: Abasan Hamlet, Tegal Buah
  • East Denpasar: Wantilan Hall of Kesiman Pengrebongan
  • Denpasar Selatan: Wantilan Hall of Renon Customary Village
  • Merthasari, Muntig Siokan

Each venue for the Denpasar Festival activity has been recorded and adjusted to the existing carrying capacity with a process detected through scanning the Quick Reaction Code (QR Code) set by the government.

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