Sudha Villa Seminyak Reopens to Those Longing for Bali

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Three-bedroom villa with private pool
Three-bedroom villa with private pool at Sudha Villa Seminyak, Bali. (Image: Sudha Villa Seminyak)
  • SUDHA Villa Seminyak set in the urban area of Seminyak comes with ultimate comfort and private pool  
  • Whether you travel for leisure or business, the villas in the heart of Seminyak will reinvigorate your holiday living

Want to spend this year-end holiday in Bali and find accommodation in the urban area of ​​Seminyak? If you do, Sudha Villa Seminyak is ready to offer you several villa units that can be your reference.

Situated within strategic location, this villa in Seminyak is absolutely in easy reach to supermarket, art shops, restaurants, ATM, night life spots and other kind of leisure locales.

The luxury villa units offered are located in three different. Each unit is specially designed to offer maximum space and ultimate privacy. All have their own private pool, whether it is a two- or three-bedroom villa.

Every unit of Sudha Villa has an area of ​​​​approximately 200 and 350 square meters to be able to provide pleasure and better comfort to guests while on vacation on the Island of the Gods.

Even though it is located among other private villas, the atmosphere at Sudha Villa remains tranquil like being in the middle of an ‘urban jungle’. On that account, this luxury villa in Seminyak is perfect for your stay in Bali.

Elegant interior and linen are carefully selected to help soothe the mind and indulge the senses. Feel the comfort of the villa’s sanctuary. Armed with a wealth of experience in hospitality industry, this Seminyak villa management will provide the highest level of privacy for guests’ comfortable stay.

According to the Villa Host, Luh Yeni, during the previous Covid-19 pandemic, her party continued to carry out regular maintenance in order to ensure the condition and quality of the villa property was good and ready to receive guest visits.

Meanwhile, in terms of the target market, most of the guests staying at Sudha Villa come from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, India, Canada, France, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Indonesia and others. She also added that in the post-pandemic time her guest stay averagely reached 5-14 nights. However, there are also guests who stay up to a month.

When asked whether Sudha Villa is offering a promotional package for room rates, for now she said that the villa has not issued yet any promotions for monthly guests. But so far, there are only daily and weekly promotion.

Well, its good news is that her villa has discount packages offered to guests for a minimum stay of 3 nights. For the time being, more guests stay more than 3 nights.

She also hoped that after the pandemic the number of tourists visiting Bali can gradually increase. At the same time, she hoped that tourist destinations can still maintain their beauty, cleanliness, comfort and sustainability in accordance with the Sapta Pesona or seven charm principles which is also accompanied by composing new art performances to be displayed.


Gang Baik-Baik Jalan Nakula No.8A Seminyak

Tel: +62 -0821—4405-1126

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