Samaja Bali Villas Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary in Togetherness

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Anniversary of Samaja Bali Villas
Samaja Bali Villas celebrates its 9th annivesary at Waterbom Bali on Fabruary 14. (Image: Samaja Bali Villas)

This year, Samaja Bali Villas celebrated 9 years of unforgettable memories and has already given thousands of guests the experience of Balinese hospitality. Of course, this is an extraordinary and sweet moment in celebrating togetherness after going through the difficult period of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Social visit

The series of anniversary celebrations were filled with several activities such as a social visit to the Semara Putra Orphanage in Klungkung. The anniversary committee led by Ketut Sukanada as the Operations Manager handed over basic food assistance. The residents of the orphanage, totaling 121 children, welcomed the arrival of the Samaja Bali Villas group and thanked them for the donation.

The visit was also interspersed with interactive quizzes with the orphans. With great enthusiasm, they competed to answer the quizzes proposed by the anniversary committee. Such joy was also expressed by a pair of children who spontaneously came forward and entertained the group by dancing.

Team building

The achievements having been attained up to the ninth year cannot be separated from the solid and cohesive teamwork. This is proven by their resilience in facing global challenges in the form of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are not only able to survive, but also innovate in terms of the F&B products offered and expand their marketing network through intense publications on social media.

To further strengthen cooperation and increase the enthusiasm of team members, all management, staff and owners along with their family were directly involved in the team building season held at Waterbom Bali on February 14.

Divided into four groups, they were able to show off cohesiveness every time they took part in the games held. Even though some of them fell, they remained enthusiastic and returned to the team ranks.

Peak of celebration

After the announcement and distribution of prizes for the team building contest, the 9th anniversary celebration of Samaja Bali Villas was resumed with blowing out the candles and cutting the cake by Pak Ketut Sukanada as the peak of the celebration.

Well, the long-awaited event by participants along with their family was to explore and enjoy the various water rides at Waterbom Bali. Hopefully, they would get new enthusiasm after struggling with work matters for so long.

About Samaja Bali Villas

Samaja Bali Villas manages three units of villa property with a distinctive modern and minimalist architectural style. Located in the tourist area of Seminyak, the three villa properties are Samaja Villas Kunti, Samaja Villas Beachside and Royal Samaja Villas.

All properties have obtained a CHSE certificate issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in collaboration with BSN which shows that the villa property has implemented good, correct and healthy governance in reducing the spread and transmission of the Covid-19 virus in the tourism sector as a prerequisite for being able to operate.

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