Be Ready to Ride the Waves on Uluwatu Beach

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Uluwatu surfing
Illustration of surfing on Uluwatu Beach. (Image: Pixabay)
  • ULUWATU Beach, which is directly facing the Indonesian Ocean, has very challenging waves and is perfect spot for surfing in Bali
  • So, what Uluwatu has to offer is complete, apart from cultural attractions and classic historic shrines, there are also surfing spots

Perhaps the name Uluwatu is already familiar to domestic and foreign visitors. This area is famous for its classic temple perched on the edge of a cliff, right in the southernmost of Bali Island. The scenery becomes more beautiful and exotic when there is a sunset background.

So, apart from offering such beautiful cultural attractions and historical holy places, Uluwatu also has challenging waves that captivate the hearts of world surfers. Even professionals consider Uluwatu to be one of the spots with the best waves on the planet.

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It is said, this Uluwatu surfing spot was discovered by surfers in the early 1970s, after they conquered the waves in the Kuta Beach area. They were members of the film crews that shot the 1971 surf classic “Morning of the Earth” directed by Alby Falzon.

Until these days, the Uluwatu area is very popular with as a surfing spot among the surfers from all over the world. Some of them even stay in the area because there are already many lodging facilities offered at affordable rates. Besides, there are surfboard rentals.

So, if you want to surf and feel the sensation of the waves on Uluwatu Beach, snaking on exotic waves, try surfing sometime. It may be worth seeking out an experienced instructor in the area for safety and security.

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