Romantic Dinner at Kedonganan Beach

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Dinner on Kedonganan Beach
The atmosphere of dinner at cafe on Kedonganan Beach. (Image: Allabali)
  • KEDONGANAN Beach offers beautiful sunset and it’s nice to enjoy dinner at cafés along the beach
  • You can purchase your favorite fish, lobster, shrimp, crab or others at fish market and then bring to nearby café to have yours grilled or cooked at affordable fees

SHOULD you like culinary adventure in Bali, you can start with a promenade at the Kedonganan Fish Market. Why? Because this market sells a variety of fresh sea fishes strategically located near local beach.

Kedonganan Market is a modern fish market in Bali. Kedonganan Village, Kuta Subdistrict, Badung, is one of the largest landing bases and marketing places for fresh sea fish in Bali. You can buy a variety of fresh marine fish whether for reselling fresh fish, processed seafood or just for household consumption.

You just need to choose your favorite fish in this market. There are lobsters, shrimp, fish, squid, crab, shells and others. And don’t forget, here you can still bargain the prices

Many cafés in this coastal area offer grilling services for the fish you have bought at the fish market earlier, with a cost of IDR 15,000-IDR 20,000 per kg and cooking costs around IDR 40,000 per kg.

Fishermen, both from Bali and outside Bali, usually land in the morning, and then sell or auction their catch here. This fish market is managed by Mina Segara rural Cooperative under the auspices of the Kedonganan Customary Village. Well, from here the fish are then distributed to various places in Bali.

One of the right and romantic moments to visit the Kedonganan Beach is just before sunset. Prior to entering the fish market, you can also take a walk on the beach and to the pier to enjoy the beach atmosphere and take fun selfies. Don’t miss the chance to witness the view of the boats parked around the pier or even on the beach. Planes passing by at Ngurah Rai International Airport to the north, both those about to take off and land, are also clearly visible from the pier.

Meanwhile, when looking south, rows of café chairs lined up on white sand start to get crowded before sunset. Moreover, you can also see the silhouette of the famous GWK statue far up on the hill.

After enjoying the beauty of Kedonganan Beach, then proceed to buy fish. You can take a look at the line of fish sellers on the beach. If nothing fits there, please continue your search into the market after passing through the vehicle parking area. There are many choices ranging from red snapper, white snapper, shrimp, crab, lobster, squid and various shellfishes.

For you who can’t wait to enjoy the delicious fish having been bought here, you can take it to one of the cafés on the beach. They offer services for cooking the fish with rates ranging from around IDR 40,000 to IDR 15,000-IDR 20,000 per kg for grilled fish. Of course, there you will also be asked if the order is accompanied by rice, vegetables such as kale and a drink. Usually, you will get sambal matah (raw condiment) and fried sambal which are already included in the service package.

The atmosphere is very pleasant, beautiful and romantic. Therefore, this place is perfect for having dinner celebrating your special moments with your loved one, friends or family while on holiday in Bali. So, enjoy your culinary adventure!

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