IBTK 2023 at Besakih Temple Comes with New Atmosphere

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Besakih Temple
Pilgrims are coming to say prayers at Besakih Temple in series of Ida Bathara Turun Kabeh (IBTK) annual ceremony taking place on April 5-26, 2023. (Image: Nusaweek/Mayumi Raylita)
  • IDA Bhatara Turun Kabeh (IBTK) annual ceremony at Besakih Temple this year comes with a different atmosphere. Pilgrims enjoy various new facilities that make their prayers easier and more convenient

Besakih Temple as the mother temple of Bali perches at the foot of Mount Agung, Karangasem and this year it returns to hold an annual ceremony called Ida Bhatara Turun Kabeh (IBTK).  The peak of IBTK 2023 ceremony centered at Penataran Agung Besakih Temple fell on full moon of the Sasih Kedasa (tenth month in Balinese calendar) or April 5, 2023.

The IBTK itself posing a ceremony depicting all the deities and manifestations of God is held in the Bale Pesamuan Agung of Besakih Temple and there they gather to give gifts to their people who are present to offer their devotion to God.

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In carrying out the IBTK ceremony, the Hindu pilgrims receive Benang Sanga Datu (threads of nine colors) having previously been purified beforehand. Meanwhile, the series of ceremony this year will last for 21 days or April 5-26, 2023.

Pilgrim arrangement

To maintain comfort, security, order, safety, cleanliness and beauty in order to support the implementation of IBTK, the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, invited all pilgrims to carry out and attend the ceremony in an orderly and disciplined manner according to Circular Number: 03/2023 concerning New Orders for Pilgrims/Visitors when Entering and Being in the Sacred Area of Besakih Temple during the Implementation of IBTK ceremony.

Parking matters: Buses can only park at the Kedungdung Parking Lot (Asti Mandala), four-wheeled vehicles can only park at the West Parking Building in the Manik Mas Area (Kreta Graha Kulon), while motorbikes can only park in the East Parking Building in the Manik Mas Area (Rangga Graha Wetan).

All the pilgrims who will carry out prayers are strictly prohibited from carrying or using plastic bags, plastic pipettes, Styrofoam, and other products made from single-use plastic. Those who bring ceremonial materials that have been offered are strictly prohibited from throwing leftovers in the Sacred Area of Besakih Temple, they are obliged to bring back the leftovers, and are also strictly prohibited from littering in the Sacred Area of Besakih Temple.


Recently, the arrangement of facilities in the Sacred Area of Besakih Temple had been completed and now various facilities for pilgrims/visitors are ready to be used, such as: (1) Wantilan or Lounge in the Bencingah Area and Manik Mas Area, where the pilgrims can wait for their turn to pray and rest; (2) Changing Room for pilgrims/visitors; (3) as well as the Lactation Room (Breastfeeding) in the Manik Mas Area; (4) a total of 248 units of kiosks and 162 units of booths are available for SMEs in the Bencingah area, while in the Manik Mas area there are 25 units of kiosks and 36 units of booths, which are used by MSME players free of charge, yet they are only charged with maintenance  and operational costs and bills of electricity and water.

Besides, there are also MSMEs selling local Balinese products in the form of prayer facilities, wastra (traditional clothing, endek and songket), folk craft products, Besakih branding souvenirs, culinary and processed products as well as vegetables and fruits. All products sold are local Balinese products, preferably from Karangasem District. The other facilities include Information Center, Health Post, and Security Post in the Kedungdung Area, Manik Mas Area, and Becingah Area; Wiyata Graha in the Manik Mas Area functions to show documentary videos; Office of Bank BPD Bali and ATM Center as well as elevator (lift) in the Manik Mas Area Parking Building.

Hopefully, with the existence of these new facilities accompanied by the arrangement of the entire series of ceremonies, all pilgrims saying prayers and visitors will feel more comfortable and safer. In this way, they get a new experience or atmosphere.

Tourist destination

Besakih Temple is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Eastern Bali, precisely in Karangasem District. By and large, tourists visit this temple through various tour packages including Besakih Temple. The tour packages may be combined with visits to other destinations. One of the most favorite packages is the Full-day Besakih Tour which variably includes the visit to Celuk Village, Batuan Temple, Kertagosa Klungkung and the Bukit Jambul terracing, and lastly to Besakih Temple.

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