Loloh Cemcem, Typical Herbal Drink of Penglipuran

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Loloh cemcem herbal drink
Loloh cemcem herbal drink is famous product of Penglipuran village, Bangli.

FRESH and green are two impressions exuded by this drink. It is loloh cemcem or herbal drink made from cemcem or hog-plum eaves. It is one of the herbal drink heritages of Balinese people to quench thirst when working under heat of the sun in the past.

Today, when making a visit to Penglipuran traditional village in Bangli, you can still find this traditional drink being offered by local people. It has become typical drink on offer at this village. Virtually each family here offers this kind of drink at their home outlet.

One of the local people told that she can sell this drink at least 20 bottles of 500 ml each day during low season of tourist arrival. Meanwhile, during high season she can sell a total of 50 bottles each day.

This drink is made from cemcem leaves, tamarind paste, palm sugar, grated young coconut and salt (to taste). Like bottled mineral water, this drink is also packed in modern packaging with a label. So, when visitors want to buy this drink while exploring this village is very good for your health and helpful for them as the tradition heritage will still survive. People believe that this fresh sweet sour drink is quite good to reduce blood hypertension and smooth digestion.

Interestingly, this drink does not apply any preservatives. According to its seller, it can last for 2-3 days when kept in refrigerator. Alternatively, it is also nice to be served with ice cube.



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