Roadside Japanese Caves at Banjarangkan, Klungkung

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Roadside Japanese Cave
Roadside Japanese Cave at Banjarangkan, Klungkung.

INDONESIA including Bali was once occupied by Japanese troops. One of the historical footprints left that can be witnessed up to these days is the protection caves. Probably, the most prominent cave in Bali is the one at Koripan village, Banjarangkan, Klungkung.

When you happen to pass through the road leading to Semarapura via Gianyar town, you will see the caves on the right side under shady shrubs. In the meantime, across the caves sits a lovely garden to beautify the cave attraction. Then, an elephant statue perches on the west end of the bridge nearby.

Those caves were made right on the cliff over the Bubuh River around 1941 by Japanese troops. They were intended for protection against the attack of the Allies during the Japanese occupation in Indonesia. Similar caves were also built in some regions across the Island of Bali.

With a total of sixteen openings and the depth of four meters, they depict the difficult efforts made by Japanese troops in working on them. Then, fourteen openings of the caves are interconnecting to a long alley inside, while two others are independent caves located in the north and south. Just imagine how hard the rock stone was because they only took advantage of simple tools they owned at that time.


Thus, this can become a stopover for nature and historical tourist attraction on the journey to east Bali passing through Gianyar town. Here, feel the freshness of air near the Bubuh River. Have a nice drop in!

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