Challenging Water Sports in Lake Beratan Bedugul

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Watersport in Lake Beratan
Watersport in Lake Beratan, Bedugul, Tabanan.

WITH the background of verdant Mount Mangu in the east, the Lake Beratan at Bedugul comes with cool atmosphere and beautiful place to chill out. The sun rising over the hill ranges looks so beautiful and soothes the mind of everyone. Last year, Huffington Post named it one of the twenty most beautiful lakes in the world. Surely, there are a good few reasons to explore the charms.

Aside from serving as a stopover on the journey of Denpasar-Singaraja or vice versa, Lake Beratan is also famous for its tourist attraction. Many local, domestic and foreign travelers always make their time to drop in at the location. At lakeside sits a temple complex consisting of Penataran Agung, Lingga Petak (in the lake), Dalem Purwa, Parajapati, Taman Beji and Buddhist Temple.

Generally, it represents the worship of Goddess Sri, the goddess of prosperity. Seeing from the function of the temple, it is closely related to subak or Balinese irrigation cooperative. On that account, the temple is venerated by community in Tabanan and Badung. Lake Beratan is the source of their irrigation water.

To enjoy the loveliness of Lake Beratan, visitors can have a promenade along the lakeside pathway and admire colorful tropical flowers in the garden nearby. Do not forget to immortalize the moment with your gadgets.

Other than featuring the beauty of lakeside temple, Lake Beratan also offers various sporting attractions to visitors in order to explore and enjoy the splendor of the lake. They are ranging from fishing activity by traditional wooden boat or jukung, Jet ski, speedboat around the lake, pedal boat and canoeing. For you who like a challenging activity in the lake, Jetski will probably be able to pamper your passion of adventure.

Meanwhile, a few couples also take advantage of the magnificence owned by Lake Beratan for pre-wedding photo session. Jukung background, for instance, can give classic nuance to imbue the most beautiful and blissful moment in their lifetime.

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