A Delicious Nasi Jinggo in a Box

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Nasi Jinggo
Nasi Jinggo, a famous rice sold in Bali, is now modernly packed.

YEAREND remains three days away. Denpasar Festival has been officially opened on December 28, 2013. Many visitors are going to and from happily around the Catur Muka Statue, the zero point of Denpasar.

Accidentally, it is also in school holiday so children can enjoy the festive annual festival with their parents. The activities are focused on several locations such in front of Bali Museum, Puputan Badung Square, Jalan Veteran, and Jalan Gajah Mada Timur.

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When visiting the festival, you will encounter a variety of unique products, especially food products. One of them is Nasi Jinggo. It is a distinctive food icon of Denpasar City. It is white rice wrapped in banana leaf served with side dishes. Approximately, it has emerged in the 1990s in Denpasar. Today, it is widely sold at nearly all corners of Denpasar, particularly at roadside in the afternoon.

So, what is the uniqueness of the one sold in the Denpasar Festival? The booth located on Jalan Veteran, right in front of the Inna Denpasar Hotel, has got modern touch. In terms of packaging, it applied creative design as commonly used to pack donut, bread and other modern food products. Green color of the packaging remains to be maintained and motif of banana leaf is taken advantage as the background. So, it remains to reflect the nasi jinggo wrapped in banana leaf. On the other side of the label, it is placed the facial sketch of a chef.

With the brand ‘Nasi Jinggo in a Box’ it has been positioned as a modern product packed for food souvenir. Unlike the common nasi jinggo, after purchasing the ‘Nasi Jinggo souvenir’ it will put into a paper bag as that of other souvenir products.

What are the contents of this kind of nasi jinggo? It includes approximately a handful of fluffier white rice, fried noodle, shredded chicken, crispy fried bean, sweet grated coconut, corn fritter, a slice of salted egg and chili condiment. Of course, it has been provided with a plastic spoon inside. Seeing from the packaging and contents inside, it is appropriate for lunch during the excursion on the island.

Nasi jinggo in open box
Nasi jinggo in open box

According to the booth attendant, it has opened the outlet at Pemogan and Jalan Raya Sesetan in South Denpasar. As a creative food souvenir with modern packaging, it appropriately sold for IDR 10,000 per box.

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