A Delicious and Unique Menu from Taman Usada Bali 

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Menu at Taman Usada Bali
The menu served at Taman Usada Bali, Tabanan.

MAKE 2022 an opportunity to travel after you are isolated from the outside world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A number of interesting experiences related to culinary and herbal tourism have been prepared at Taman Usada Bali, Marga, Tabanan.

This culinary tour in Tabanan is quite unique and wonderful. Why not, the menu includes a range of rare and medicinal dishes. Well, as the name suggests Taman Usada Bali, this is a garden that collects hundreds of Balinese traditional herbal plants in accordance with Taru Pramana classical text and Indonesian medicinal plants.

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By carrying out the concept of mind, body and soul, this garden wants to present processed products that are in line with these three concepts. Well, for the body, Mr. Wayan Carma, one of the founders of this garden, stated that the products presented here are for the consumption of the three elements. For food, for example, he and his creative team prepared a series of culinary products that also have herbal ingredients.

The arrival of guests will be greeted with a welcome drink of blue pea flower tea with a distinctive elegant purple color plus slices of ginger, lemongrass and lemon. The blue pea flowers, for example, are useful for improving memory, alleviating depression, or anxiety disorders. So, in short it gives effect to calm down. When combined with the properties of other ingredients in the right dose, of course this drink is very useful for the body.

Then, Moringa leaf is used as soup in combination with sweet corn. The leaves, which are known as a source of nutrition with various medicinal properties, will start your culinary adventure at Taman Usada Bali.

Meanwhile, the main course consists of steamed white rice served with corn fritters, stir-fried mushrooms, sweet fried tempeh, steamed tofu pepes, cassava leaf vegetable salad and bean sprouts with urap spice as well as chili and raw condiment.

As dessert, Taman Usada Bali then serves boiled sweet potato combined with a little starch to give it a slightly sticky texture. It is also added with topping of grated coconut with palm sugar. The drink is no less efficacious name with the presentation of milk plus roasted red ginger extract.

Well, that’s how delicious and unique culinary dishes are served in a typical Balinese house compound which is enlivened by the festivities of blooming flowers in the front garden. Of course, the atmosphere becomes more enjoyable. What are you waiting for?


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