Instagrammable Spots at Lake Tamblingan, Bali

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Pura di tengah Danau Tamblingan
Pura di tengah Danau Tamblingan, Buleleng, Bali. (Foto: Kemenparekraf)

The charm of Lake Tamblingan always attracts nature lovers to come and explore its beauty. In addition to adventure tourism, this natural tourist spot in Buleleng is also very appropriate and artistic for conducting pre-wedding photo sessions.

Lake Tamblingan is one of the four lakes owned by the Island of Bali. The location is on the northern slope of Mount Lesung, at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. Administratively, this lake is located in Munduk Village, Banjar Subdistrict, Buleleng District.

Lake Tamblingan stretches across an area of ​​about 1,115 km2 with a depth of 90 meters. This lake is adjacent to Lake Buyan. Uniquely, it is only separated by wilderness for about 1 km. The two are also often referred to as the twin lakes and are only connected by a small canal.

The district government deliberately dos not develop this lake area with the concept of modern tourism in order to preserve nature and the environment. Well, the concept chosen tends to be natural tourism which is indeed in harmony with conservation principles.


Historically, around Lake Tamblingan, there used to be four villages surrounding the lake or known as catur desa or four villages, namely the villages of Munduk, Gobleg, Gesing and Umajero.

Once upon a time, the four villages were hit by a disease outbreak. Well, one of the people who are considered holy and having magical power at the village then took holy water from the lake. A miracle happened where the plague that hit the village disappeared and all residents were able to recover as before.

On that account, until now all residents are obliged to maintain the sanctity of the lake water. How is it related to the name Tamblingan? It is said that this word comes from the Balinese language “Tamba” which means medicine and “Elingan” means reminding of spiritual power.

The aura of the sacredness exuded by this area is felt and evidenced by the existence of about 11 temples in this area, even two of them, namely the Tukang Timbang Temple and the Embang Temple, which are relics of ancient Balinese history, are estimated to have been built before the 10th century.

There are still many temples in the lake area such as Dalem Tamblingan Temple, Naga Loka Temple, Batulepang Temple, Endek Temple, Tirta Mengening Temple, Sang Hyang Kawuh Temple, Ulun Danu Temple, Sang Hyang Kangin Temple, Pengukiran Temple and Gubug Temple.


The main attraction of Lake Tamblingan does not only lie in its natural beauty, but also in its potential to be used for camping ground, looking for instagrammable photos in the morning and fishing in the lake by boat or small boat. The instagrammable spots include the in-lake temple, small fishing boat, mount background and others.

Here, there is a campground suitable for family or group outings while on vacation or spending the weekend. Well, if you happen to be on vacation in Bali and want to find a camping site as a creative recreational activity on the edge of the lake, you can immediately rush to the Tamblingan Lake area. Maybe it will be a unique and unforgettable experience of a lifetime while spending a vacation here.

There is also a unique temple in the middle of the lake, namely the Gubug Temple. In the dry season, the area around this temple dries up so that it looks like land and looks to float as being soaked in lake water during the rainy season. Many photographers capture the exoticism of this unique and instagrammable temple landscape, especially in the morning as they can capture the charm of its beauty which is shrouded in a light mist.

In addition, it has cultural potential related to the development of Balinese civilization and culture, especially those related to the formation and development of the traditional village of Tamblingan. Seeing this potential that is in harmony with its spiritual nuances, the Tamblingan area was also developed by the district government into a spiritual tourism destination.

The Twin Lakes have also been used as the venue for the Twin Lakes Festival. In series with this festival, the Buleleng District Government also holds environmental and spiritual conservation activities, such as tree planting activities, art performances, trekking and mass yoga class.

Destinations nearby

If you happen to pass by or accidentally make a visit here, you can also consider several destinations in the close circle to the Twin Lakes such as: Lake Buyan, Munduk Waterfall, Banyumala Waterfall and selfie recreation areas at Puncak Wanagiri, Ulundanu Beratan and Gitgit Waterfall.


To reach the Lake Tamblingan destination, tourists can use a motorbike or rental car. If you don’t want to be complicated and just sit back, you can use a travel agent services.

From Denpasar, after going up in the Wanagiri monkey forest and when arriving at the peak which is often used as a stopover, you turn left towards Seririt. While the direction ahead goes to Singaraja Town in North Bali.

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