Puputan Badung Corner, Thronged by People on Saturdays

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Dance Class
Regular Dance Class at Puputan Badung Square, Denpasar.

HAVING made a sightseeing tour in Denpasar, you may want to take a rest at the Puputan Badung Square. Alternatively, you can look around like the statues showing off the great courage of local heroes in struggling for the fatherland from the occupation of foreign nations before the independence.

Saturday afternoon is a good moment for travelers wishing to see dance performance while relaxing at the same location. When the weather is fine and there is no change, Denpasar has a regular performance on Saturdays.

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Located at the Puputan Badung Square, right near the zero point of Denpasar or in front of the Bali Museum, many people ranging from toddlers to the elderly are eager to see the regular show. On the stage in the southwest corner, starting around three o’clock in the afternoon children are patiently waiting for their turn to perform their dance. With the help of their mother, they do the makeup and make other preparations in advance.

The show is presented by children that have attended exercises in their dance studio scattered throughout Denpasar. Other than giving the opportunity to make appearance before the public, the show program is also meant to preserve Balinese culture since the very beginning, encourage their love to local culture and practice their courage before the public. These purposes are in harmony with the vision of the Denpasar City as the cultured city.


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