Discover Your Serenity on a Hidden Virgin Beach

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Virgin Beach Bali
An overlay of traditional boats or jukung parked on Virgin Beach. (Image: Made Santika Adi)

Hearing its name, Virgin Beach still seems unfamiliar to the ear to the local people of Bali. It is not located in foreign country, but still in Bali, namely Karangasem District, right in eastern Bali.

Among tourists, this beach is known by many names such as Virgin Beach, Pantai Putih (probably because of the white sand), Pigeon Beach and Virgin Karangasem Beach. The last name probably refers to its isolated location. But among Balinese people, this beach is better known as Perasi Karangasem Beach.

Perhaps because the location is quite far from the residential area of the population, this beach is not too crowded. Nevertheless, the cleanliness is still well maintained considering that there are also fishing activities here.

This white sandy beach in Karangasem can be an antidote to boredom while enjoying a vacation in East Bali. This beach is really quiet or not so crowded by tourists. The main daily activity here is the base of traditional fishermen carrying jukung or outrigger boats.


Virgin Beach is located on Jalan Pantai Perasi, Perasi Village, Karangasem subdstrict, Karangasem District. To make it easier to find the location of Virgin Beach, you can use the help of Google Map. Approximately, it is 1.5-hour drive from Denpasar.

After the gradual development of tourism, eventually it becomes additional work for local people. Local residents are also motivated to provide tourism-related services such as renting beach umbrellas and benches, selling food and drinks.

Perched beneath the Asah Hill, a beautiful camping ground with sea view, this beach is perfect for relaxing or enjoying a holiday with friends or family. This is one of the places in Eastern Bali that is increasingly in demand for basking in the sun.

It is said, Virgin Beach is a favorite among elderly tourists where they usually travel with their families. It is this calm and comfortable beach atmosphere that they are looking for because it is different from other beaches having been well known earlier, such as those in South Bali.


To enjoy the beauty and comfort of Virgin Beach, tourists usually do some leisure or relaxing activities such as strolling along the beach, swimming or riding a rented boat.

Or it could just be sitting around while reading books under a rented beach umbrella and bench. When getting tired, take advantage of the existing beach massage services. For food and drink needs, there are beach food stalls, cafes and restaurants available here.

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