Stunning View of Banah Cliff in Nusa Penida

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Banah Cliff
Banah Cliff seen from the sea.

IMAGINE yourself relaxing on the rocky cliff facing the sea and indulging in authentic rocky island and exploring local countryside.

Nusa Penida’s natural exoticism, for instance, offers this landscape. It is endless to explore and always makes visitors curious. Therefore, some of them are now taking their time to visit Nusa Penida to see something different from Bali Island.

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One of the favorite nature destinations offered by Nusa Penida is Banah Cliff located on Banah Beach. This area is growing day by day and becomes the target of local, domestic and foreign tourists. Why? Because of its natural charm with coral cliffs and white sandy beaches that are beautiful and unspoiled.

If not exaggerating, maybe Nusa Penida can indeed be said to be like the natural conditions of Bali in the 1980s. Where at that time there was no massive physical development of tourism supporting facilities and surrounding nature was still pristine.

Well, Banah Cliff on Banah Beach offers the natural exoticism of Nusa Penida through a small island in the middle of the sea. It comes with the beauty of a small rock with cliffs and stands firmly like a half-submerged donut with a height of about 200 meters above sea level.

The island is like a mound of coral overgrown with lush green vegetation on it and has a hole like a natural gate. Perhaps, this is the result of the natural impact of the waves over a long period of time.

Seen from the mainland, Banah Cliff is like a land floating in the middle of the blue ocean to the west of Nusa Penida. What a stunning backdrop for making beautiful selfies.

It will different again when viewed from the water side when riding ocean rafting, where you can see this tiny and exotic coral island up close.

To reach the Nusa Penida area, visitors can depart by fast boat from the piers of Sanur Beach (Denpasar) and Padang Bay (Karangasem).



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