Sokasi, Balinese Versatile and Endless Container

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Sokasi basket is a versatile and endless Balinese handicraft remaining in demands today. (Image: Allabali)

In modern times today, there are many technological products that help facilitate human life activities. Nevertheless, there are still bamboo handicrafts that still survive and are used by the Balinese to support their daily activities.

For example, sokasi—woven bamboo baskets are still used today. The difference lies in the ornament used by the makers or designers to decorate the sokasi basket with various motifs. There are paintings, woven cloths, beads and other ornaments applied.

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This basket is made from strands of special bamboo slats made so thin and small. To make it stronger, this strand is deliberately selected from the skin only. Each strand is whittled until looking smooth in order to get smooth woven results, too.

This basket is divided into two parts. The main part is at the bottom used to hold things and the lid is at the top. When the weaving process is complete, the basket products will be decorated with ornaments as desired. It does not matter, the maker may be painting it, applying beads or other types of ornaments.


Then, what is the function of this sokasi basket? From the beginning, this sokasi was used to accommodate offerings to the temple. However, since it is versatile, it is also commonly used to store rantasan or a set of sacred clothes for ancestors who have been cremated or purified. Every time a piodalan or temple festival ceremony is held at a merajan or family temple, this equipment must be presented. This is intended to prepare praying clothes for the ancestors.

Apart from the two functions as mentioned above, there are also people who use it to store knick-knacks and many other functions depending on the wishes of the owners or users.


Now, rapid tourism development in Bali also demands the existence of unique handicraft products at destinations, it turns out that this sokasi basket is also in great demand by tourists. They can use it to store jewelry, knick-knacks or something else.

Indeed, today’s sokasi baskets look classic, but the makers or designers are so creative by adding various wonderful ornaments. As a result, the appearance of the product becomes more attractive, elegant and increases its selling power.

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