Balinese-Style Water Features Beautifies a Garden

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Balinese style water feature
Balinese-style water feature at Gianyar Square Garden, Gianyar.

WATER features can be made in various designs and sizes, ranging from simple fountains to more complex water walls or amazing pools. No matter how simple or complex they are, the water features actually have the ability to enhance the artistic value of the environment and its surroundings in terms of visual appeal.

Water features themselves can take the form of simple containers and freestanding fountains to more complex water walls or large ponds with assorted fish.

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You can purchase a water feature kit or simply ask professional designer to make for you in order to meet your personal design preferences. However, if you decide to build from the beginning, it’s important to choose high-quality materials that will ensure you can enjoy the water feature for a long time without worrying about breakdowns and other maintenance problems.

In terms of the condition of the water features, you can make it move or not move. However, the design of moving water will definitely add extra interest to your garden or space. A moving water feature in garden, for example, can become the center of attention in a space or complementary point in a homeyard or other outdoor space.

So, if you prefer to purchase a ready-made one, you just have to choose the appropriate design at a landscaping and gardening product sales agent.

The picture above is a precast Balinese-style water feature installed in the Gianyar Square Garden (Alun-Alun Gianyar) which was just installed at the end of 2020. This water feature combines a shower from three vessels where the water is finally collected in a small pond.

After that, the surrounding space is beautifully adorned with ornamental plants in the form of cycas belonging to Cycadaceae. Ultimately, this combination of this outdoor water feature gives off a graceful and natural finish.

If you happen to travel to Kintamani or Penglipuran Traditional Village (Bangli), on the way to your hotel in Sanur, Kuta or Nusa Dua area, you can stop by at the Gianyar Square Garden, right in the east of Gianyar town. You can have a promenade around the garden and enjoy the magnificence of the square garden.

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