Bulungdaya Beach, a Pristine Beach West of Tanah Lot  

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Bulungdaya Beach Tabanan
Bulungdaya Beach in Tabanan.

BULUNGDAYA Beach offering the stretch of black sandy beach can be an alternative destination in West of Kuta. Many local people visit this beach for leisure after the presence of good road infrastructure or hot mixed asphalt a few years ago.

Geographically, this Bulungdaya Beach has rocky waters and many headlands jutting out into the sea. On that account, this area is suitable to be a fishing ground. Anglers often choose the beach as their preferred spot. Even the one that juts in the farthest is Bulungdaya Cape near the Bulungdaya Temple. At first glance, this headland looks like three buses lining up. The third bus appears to be disconnected from the second. To reach the tip of the headland, anglers must pass at low tide.

People of Antap Kelod Hamlet and its surroundings use this beach as a destination for their melasti (purificatory rite for ritual paraphernalia), Melukat (self-purification) and Ngeroras after the Ngaben cremation.

The alternative beach west of Tanah Lot, which also has many shaded areas, makes it the right habitat for several types of edible seaweed and snails. For seaweed, there are sargassum and euchema spinosum. They grow on rocks and the best time to look for them is in the dry season. It is said that it’s possible as long as they are not exposed to fresh water intrusion from nearby rivers when there is a flood. Meanwhile, types of snails and the like are abalone, green clams, moon-eye snails and the like.

What is no less interesting is that this beach is a lobster catching area. Local fishing groups install lobster traps in trough lines connected to the ocean currents. In addition, they also use special nets that are spread around the stretch of sea troughs and anca in the form of nets or round framed nets spread in the waters equipped with sardine bait.

Well, if you want to visit the beach, you can explore the uniqueness of this beach starting from a stretch of black sand and a series of headlands for selfie backgrounds. When the tide is low, you can also look for various sea snails and seaweed.

Now, Bulungdaya Beach Tabanan has been managed by the Antap Kelod customary village by gradually completing it with a place to sell food and toilets. Every Galungan and Kuningan days (before the Covid-19 pandemic), regular art performance is performed on the beach stage.

Access to Bulungdaya Beach

Visitors can reach this beach from three access points. Firstly, from Bajra Market (around 40 km west of Denpasar) or to the east of the Selemadeg Police Office go south via Jalan Serma Arda and then take a left turn to Jalan Serma Watra for about 4 km. Secondly, from Banjar Dinas Soka, you can turn next to LPD Soka then cross the concrete bridge over the Yeh Otan River, meet Pura Dalem of Antap Kaja, turn right and follow the direction of the main road (for car and motorcycle).

Thirdly, you can come in at the T-junction at the southern end of the Banjar Dinas Soka (on Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway) and cross the suspension bridge until you meet the Bale Banjar Dinas Antap Kelod’s junction, turn right here and continue for about 1 km (for motocycle only). Fourthly, you can go through the near-the-beach shortcut or subak road from Banjar Dinas Bebali. This route can be taken from Tanah Lot highway.

At Bebali, there is a road sign indicating to Antap Kelod. This route is often taken by surfers wishing to play on Tukad Balian Beach or other beaches in West Bali. When you get to Pura Puseh of Antap Kelod or in front of the Puskesmas Pembantu, turn left and keep going.

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