Watching Kecak and Lovely Sunset at Uluwatu

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Kecak Dance at Uluwatu
Kecak Dance at Uluwatu (Imageby Steffen Zimmermann on Pixabay)
Kecak Dance at Uluwatu
Kecak Dance at Uluwatu (Image by Steffen Zimmermann on Pixabay)

COMPLETE vacation is offered by Uluwatu tourist attraction. Aside from offering beautiful nature, your visit will be entertained with sublime Kecak Dance cultural performance.

Known as the Island of Thousand Temples, Bali indeed has thousands of temples scattered across the island. They are at various locations whether close to or far away from settlement, at the foot of a hill or mountain or in the sea. Similarly, there are temples on the edge of the lake and the edge of the sea. With such condition, definitely each of them has his own splendor.

Uluwatu Temple Bali, for instance, belonging to Sad Kahyangan Temple or six leading temples on the Bali Island’s point of the compass, is perched on a rock hill with the altitude of about 97 meters above sea level. Literally, the name Uluwatu taken from Sanskrit vocabulary is translated into ‘the peak of a rock.’

Because it is nestled at the edge of a rigid cliff, travelers will not only experience a sanctified and religious vibes, but also beautiful and magnificent panorama. Another charm that can be enjoyed when visiting Uluwatu Temple is the grandeur of sunset above western horizon in the Indonesian Ocean, without being hampered.

Geographically, this Uluwatu Temple is situated at Pecatu village, South Kuta, Badung. From Ngurah Rai International Airport, the Uluwatu Temple can be covered within around an hour to the southern part of the island by private vehicle or taxi.

Having admired the splendor of the temple architecture and the sunset view of Southern Bali, visitors can watch the Kecak Dance entertainment presented by 50-100 artists at the location. Staged by dancers mostly consisting of men, this Balinese cultural performance plays the sequel to Ramayana epic. As the name implies, kecak in this dance has a vocal characteristic or a cappella like cak, cak, cak in a mutually responding to produce its own rhythm and harmony.

At Uluwatu stage, the Kecak Dance performance is showed before sunset. So, when visiting Uluwatu Temple your visit becomes more complete. Other than the splendor of the temple along with its ancient architectural style and sunset view, you can also watch this Balinese cultural show.  For the sake of visitors’ convenience, many stalls selling food and beverages can be found around the destination area when desiring to purchase refreshment or drinks. Additionally, many restaurants around the location also serve a variety of food or beverages. Tour-related services can be found here. Have a nice day!

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