Pursuing Instagrammable View at Lempuyang Temple

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Lempuyang Temple
Lempuyang Temple (Image by Luka Nguyen/Pixabay)

WHEN the day gradually leaves the dawn, visitors can enjoy the allure of the golden light exuded by sunrise. One of the most attractive spots to take pictures used to immortalize your moment or update your social media status is at the gates or split gates of Lempuyang Temple. Due to the beauty of the temple, many guests nickname it as the Bali’s Gates of Heaven. Probably, it refers to the view with the background of Mount Agung along with clouds (when being available) that look like floating in the sky.

LEMPUYANG Temple is one of the most important temples among the series of main temples in Bali Island. Actually, it is a complex having group of seven temples that can be visited by following a road available. If you would like to make a visit to the highest temple perched on Mt. Lempuyang with the altitude of approximately 1,100 meters above sea level, you should climb 1,700 steps.

Nevertheless, the walk is really pleasant and the view over the surroundings is worth seeing when the sky is clear. When taking beautiful photograph in the morning, guests staying in Southern Bali should have departed at least at 05:00 from hotel or consult to your travel agent or driver about the suggested departure time.

Guests are permitted to look around this temple in accordance with local regulations and local guide’s instruction. The first building is the most spectacular and its  ‘gates’ open out facing the magnificent Mount Agung.  

In summary, to get better experience (when the weather is fine), visitors are recommended to arrive in the morning because the view is quite attractive and the atmosphere remains cool. Take picture with the best position and appropriate background. For safety and to respect local culture and belief, use sarong at cost prepared by the management. Then, women who are getting their period are not allowed to enter into the temple area.

Should you need transport services from your accommodation to this temple destination while you are on vacation in Bali, you can check here. Have a nice holiday in Bali!

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