Revitalization of Denpasar City Heritage Area Completes

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Kumbasari Garden
Kumbasari Garden combines the beauty of Badung Riverside and both markets.

THE City of Denpasar with its heritage area is increasingly improving to perfect the existing attractions of the city tour. Revitalization was carried out on Jalan Gajah Mada, Badung Market and Kumbasari Market.

Jalan Gajah Mada as part of the old city was given a new icon in the form of two statues of Sang Kala Trisemaya as high as 3 meters. The two statues are installed on the north and south sides of the Tukad Badung Bridge.

This statue contains a philosophy as a guardian of the earth and the universe so that it is always safe and peaceful. Then physically, the existence of this statue is expected to be able to present a positive aura and add aesthetic value to the heritage area.

Then, Badung Market got a touch of art with the presence of a statue of Goddess Mas Melanting. Located in the Plaza of Badung Market, this bronze statue depicts a female figure as the goddess of prosperity or the goddess of wealth, including in charge of trading activities in the market.

This market plaza also gets an arrangement with the presence of a garden designed with the same nuance as the market building. Likewise, there is a shelter near the north door. Similar arrangements were also made to the Kumbasari market perched across the river.

With this revitalization, the beauty of Taman Kumbasari or Kumbasari Garden arranging the river between both markets will become more perfect. Besides, the look of their buildings look more harmonious as they apply classical red bricks posing the favorite material in the past.

Well, this traditional market is also managed in a modern way, including in terms of parking services. Thus, visitors will be increasingly convenient and there will be no longer images that traditional market is slum and smelling.

Hopefully, the old city tour included in the Denpasar city tour package will certainly be more interesting. The presence of some of these new icons will complement the existing ones and enrich the experience of visitors.

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