Sibetan Agrotourism Offers Natural Beauty and Taste of Snakefruit

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Salak Sibetan
Salak plantation at Sibetan Vilalge, Bebandem, Karangasem. (Photo: Allabali)
  • BALI Island does not only rely on the beauty of its stunning beaches, rich culture and exotic arts. It also offers an agrotourism experience in Bali that is no less interesting. One place worth visiting is Sibetan Village, Karangasem, which is famous for its natural beauty and delicious salak fruit or snakefruit.

Salak agrotourism in Sibetan, Bali, is the perfect destination for those looking for a different experience during their holiday on the Island of the Gods. Apart from enjoying delicious snake fruit, tourists can also witness authentic village life and explore the natural beauty of Bali.

With its natural charm and delicious fruit, Sibetan is indeed one of the destinations that must be visited in Bali. Sibetan is a village located in Karangasem District, East Bali. Located on the slopes of Mount Agung, this village has an ideal climate for agriculture, including snakefruit cultivation. Sibetan Village is known as “Salak Village,” because the majority of its residents depend on salak plantations for their living. The view of the green salak plantations stretching across the slopes of Mount Agung is one of the main attractions of this village.

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In Sibetan Village, 15 types of salak varieties have been developed, some of which are superior products, such as pineapple salak and granulated sugar salak which offer a very sweet, fresh taste and thick fruit flesh. By and large, the main salak harvest here falls in December – February, making salak production abundant.

Salak Agrotourism

Salak agrotourism in Sibetan, Bebandem Subdistrict, Karangasem, has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Bali. Tourists can enjoy a variety of activities and experiences on offer here:

Explore Salak Plantation: Tourists can explore the vast snake fruit plantation and find out more about the process of cultivating snake fruit. They can see firsthand how snake fruit is harvested, processed and sold.

Climbing Mount Agung: Sibetan is the ideal starting point for climbing Mount Agung, the highest mountain in Bali. This climb is suitable for adventurers who are looking for a thrilling experience and spectacular natural views.

Salak Culinary: Tourists can taste various delicious dishes made from snake fruit. Starting from candied snake fruit, snake fruit juice, wine to snake fruit ice cream, you can explore the various new flavors produced from snake fruit. Aside from offering different derivative products of salak, local people develop processed fruit products to resolve the oversupply of salak fruit during great harvest season.

Sibetan Traditional Market: Visit the local traditional market in Sibetan, where you can interact with local residents, buy fresh agricultural products, and explore local culture.

Other Uses of Salak

Apart from being a delicious fruit, snake fruit also has various other benefits. Salak contains many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are good for body health. Apart from that, snake fruit skin is also used in various natural beauty and skin care products.

Appreciate the Beauty of Nature

Apart from the famous snake fruit cultivation, Sibetan also offers stunning natural views. Tourists can enjoy the expanse of green salak plantations, views of the majestic Mount Agung, and the refreshing fresh mountain air. This is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll and contemplating the beauty of nature.

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