This Fried Rice May Tempt Your Appetite

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Fried rice
Illustration of fried rice. (Photo: Adelia Rosalinda/ Pixabay)

IF you happen to be on vacation in Bali, it never hurts to try fried rice. Although this fried rice is a common menu and is easily available in many places, it is important to note that each seller or chef must have its own distinctive flavor.

Indeed, fried rice is a simple and practical menu. It has many variants ranging from the type of seasoning in use to the vegetables, meat mixture applied and their topping.

What makes the fried rice in Bali so extraordinary is the diversity of influences caused by the creations of each seller and the number of nomads from across Indonesia selling culinary delights on the island. They meet in Bali and offer their fried rice with special flavor. On the other hand, there are also sellers who creatively combine this typicality as well as those who make new creations all the times.

Where can I buy fried rice? Fried rice is offered in many places. It is on the side of the road, traditional markets (night markets), hotel restaurants and food stalls or local restaurants (outside the hotel).

Basically, what’s in the fried rice? Fried rice recipe is quite simple. As the name suggests, there are white rice, vegetables in the form of cabbage, bok choy or mustard green, carrots, omelet or sunny side up and shredded chicken or minced meat. As a garnish are sliced ​​tomatoes and cucumbers. In addition, there is also a spicy chili sauce so that the taste is more spicy and adds to the appetite.

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