Sweet Cassava Ball of Bali

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Sweet Casava cake
Sweet casava cake, a simple yet delicious cake made from casava.

WHEN you happen to hang out at traditional market in Bali, it’s easy to encounter traditional fresh cakes and various fries. Some vendors may bring a small table, while others will prefer to balance on their head. They are served at a piece of banana leaf instead of comfy ceramic dish. If other countries have a popular donut, local people have fried cassava ball. It is one of the most familiar servings to the locals as it becomes a favorite amidst school children and parents when carrying out rural social works. How to make it? It’s easy as pie since you can prepare it in a jiffy.

Ingredients: 1kg grated cassava, ¼ pc coconut (grated), ½ tsp salt, 4 tbsp refined sugar, 4 tbsp palm sugar, cooking oil (for deep frying)

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  • Sprinkle the grated cassava with salt evenly.
  • Divide the grated coconut into two portions. Prepare a batter of sugar sauce, one portion with refined sugar and another with palm sugar. Mix well for each portion.
  • Take the cassava batter of some 1 tbsp. Flatten it by hand, added with sugar sauce and make it into small ball with sauce inside. Do not let it leak, if so, please be added with more batter.
  • Having completed to make small balls from the entire batter, preheat the frying pan with small flame in order the cassava ball can cook evenly. Fry the balls at possible number in the frying pan. Keep on turning them again and again until slightly brownish. Take them out and drain. Now, it’s ready to serve!

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