Sunflower Garden Awaits Your Arrival at Batannyuh

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Sunflower garden
Sunflower Garden at Batanyuh, Marga, Tabanan.

NOWADAYS tourist attractions in Bali have a new trend, namely the emergence of various innovative attractions made by younger generation such as swing, selfie spots, bird nests, bamboo tower and others. Moreover, if the attraction also offers beautiful panoramas and good selfie photo spots, surely they will become popular quickly. One of the new attractions is the Sunflower Garden located at Banjar Batannyuh, Batannyuh, Marga, Tabanan. It is about 25 km northwest of Denpasar city.

The Sunflowers Garden in Tabanan was just opened in early January 2019, so that it is still relatively new and not many people know about the existence of the attraction. However, the users of social media like Instagram and Facebook will easily find the information about it.

Indeed, this attraction is specifically designed for those who like to take pictures because it has been prepared a number of selfie spots with the background of beautiful flower garden. There are sunflowers that you can rarely find, red and yellow spinach flowers as well as bird nests next to the bengkel tree next to irrigation channel.

The Sunflower Garden which borders with active rice fields is quite extensive and visitors can still take pleasure in the panorama around it. In addition to plants, there are spots in the form of butterflies, bamboo towers and children’s swings. If after having a promenade around the garden you feel a little tired, you can unwind in some gazebos provided.

Other facilities provided for the convenience of visitors include parking inside for motorbikes and cars on the side of the road arranged by special parking attendant. In addition, there is also a toilet.

Well, you can now plan your visit to the Sunflower Garden if you happen to make a visit to Margarana Memorial Park. Happy traveling and taking pictures!

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