Swing Sensation Brings You to Float High

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Swing sensation above a river.
Swing sensation above a river. (Image: Bali Swing)
Swing sensation above a river.
Swing sensation above a river. (Image: Bali Swing)

DURING your childhood, you might like to play swing under a tree behind your house or in the garden. Well, if you happen to be traveling in Bali, you can now revive the memories. These days, swing attractions are on the rise among domestic and foreign tourists in Bali.

Experience the sensation of floating above the height of tens of meters above the river valley that will provide an exciting adventure for your travel experience. In addition to this challenging but exciting attraction, tourists are also provided with photo booths with a backdrop of beautiful natural scenery.

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Since having become a trend, every day there are always tourists making a visit. For tourists that do not know about where to go when desiring to get to this tourist attraction, your tour guides or drivers will be more than happy to recommend one of the locations of swing attractions.

For example, Bali Swing located at Jalan Dewi Saraswati 7 at Tegal Kuning, Bongkasa Pertiwi village, Abiansemal, Badung, can be your option. It has strategic location where it is only approximately 24 km from Denpasar City and 13 km from the famous tourist area of Ubud.

If you happen to be going on a tour in the direction of Ubud or heading for Kintamani destination from the direction of Denpasar, you can make a stopover for a moment to enjoy the exciting experience of the swing attraction because it is located on the same direction as other destinations so that it will save more of your traveling time.

Bali Swing offers experience of the altitudes varying with a range of 10-78 meters above ground level. In addition, there are also three tandem swings, nine cute nests (said to be the best in Bali!), photo shoots, heart stones in the woods and 4 large rocks at the top edge of the valley with amazing views of the canyons and river waterfalls. All activities mentioned above are unlimited. There are various tour packages available perfectly combining the swing and other attractions such as river rafting and safari elephant tours and many others.

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