Nungnung Waterfall, a Stunning Nature Tourism in Northern Badung

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Nungnung Waterfall
Stunning Nungnung Waterfall at Pelaga Village, Northern Badung. (Image: Dispar Badung)

Nungnung Waterfall is located in the cliff area of Pelaga Village, Petang, North Badung. It is approximately 50 km from Denpasar City to the north or about 1.5 hours’ drive by car. This Badung Waterfall itself is known as one of the most exotic waterfalls in Bali.

Nungnung Waterfall has been familiar among tourists who like challenges and natural attractions such as waterfalls. This Nungnung Waterfall tourist attraction has been promoted since 1996. For the convenience and safety of visitors, various supporting facilities and infrastructure have been equipped.

Aside from offering a natural atmosphere, Nungnung Waterfall is known as one of the highest waterfalls in Bali. The water falls from a height of up to 50 meters. Meanwhile, the location itself sits at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level, so the temperature here is quite cold.


To reach the location of this Nungnung Waterfall, tourists must descend a steep valley with hundreds of steps made of concrete. But don’t worry, the steps are equipped with a handrail for safety at both sides. Nevertheless, you still have to be careful because the surface of the steps can be slippery after raining.

Well, when you arrive at the location, all the struggles will pay off because your eyes will be spoiled by the beauty of the waterfall view perched in the middle of nature remaining sustainable and whose flowing water is very clear.

It is estimated that the height of the waterfall reaches 30 meters with a heavy flow of water, thus forming a fairly strong wind when you approach the location of the waterfall. Even if your clothes are wet and the weather is cold, you will still want to enjoy this amazing view. Meanwhile, around it grows very exotic vegetation, consisting of various types of plants such as large ferns.

You can then take advantage of this moment to take several photos from various angles while recovering your breath and energy after going down the stairs earlier.

When you go back up, manage your breath well or if necessary take a short break in the gazebo on the way to parking lot. Nevertheless, the hard work will pay off because you can enjoy the exotic natural scenery and breathe refreshing ‘pure oxygen’ from directly its factory in the form of green shady trees.

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