Mertasari Beach, a Hidden Treasure Owned by Denpasar

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Mertasari Beach
Mertasari Beach, South Denpasar, Bali.

MERTASARI Beach serves a pure tropical island experience. As one of the beaches owned by Denpasar, the Mertasari Beach is situated in the southeastern part of Sanur. To be precise, it is tranquilly perched in the corner of Sanur and borders with the waters of Serangan Island.

Mertasari Beach Sanur has its own uniqueness and can become an alternative for tourists making a visit to Sanur Beach. The visitors can enjoy the beautiful and attractive scenery. They are pampered by the existence of beachside gazebo to watch the sunset and sunrise views.

In addition, this beach can also be taken advantage as a place to play water or swim which is also crowded with tourists. On the day of Banyupinaruh, falling the day after the Saraswati celebration, the Hindu community of Denpasar and its surroundings flock to this beach to bathe preceded with saying prayers.

Then during the southeast wind season, many local people often play kites of various types on Mertasari Beach Sanur Bali. A large enough field is also available here which is equipped with ample parking facilities. It can be taken advantage for holding kite competition, mass purification rite on Banyupinaruh Day or other activities.

Uniquely, Mertasari Beach in Sanur also has many favorite selfie locations. On the western part of Mertasari Beach, there is a swing on the beach, fantastic photo spots with a row of dry mangrove trees. The trees look very pretty for a selfie background.

Apart from swimming, you can also hang out on a river boulder revetment near the pier. Then, on Mertasari Beach, an attractive tourist destination has been nicely developed, named Dream Island.

Actually this tourist attraction is close to Pengembak Beach which is adjacent to Mertasari Beach. However, the entrance to Dream Island is at the location of Mertasari Beach and adjacent to the Mertasari Beach parking area. On that account, people are more familiar with Dream Island as part of Mertasari Beach.

This Dream Island is managed by Intaran Customary Village, Sanur, which has been reorganized quite well so that it can inspire and present new tours for tourists.



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