Celuk Village, a Shopping Oasis of Gold and Silver Jewelry

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Illustration of various jewelries.
Illustration of various jewelries produced by silversmith at Celuk Village, Gianyar.

WHEN traveling to the Gianyar area, especially when entering Celuk Village, you will find many silver and gold smith business signboards on the left and right of the road. Of course, this village has long been a center for gold and silver handicrafts.

According to information, silver crafts in Celuk Village Bali began in 1915 which was pioneered by a Pande named I Nyoman Gati. He learned skills from his father, I Nyoman Klesir, (usually addressed Nang Klesir). While the father himself studied in Mengwi, Badung.

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Initially, the craftsmen only made silver products for their yadnya products such as bokor, sangku (holy water container) and the like. In addition, he also makes keris accessories, king clothes and women’s accessories for weddings.

Over time, Nyoman Gati’s friends learned from him and made various silver crafts and the like. Their handicraft products were favored by the kings of Gianyar at that time, such as from Puri Ubud, Puri Sukawati and others.

The peak of the development of silver handicrafts in Celuk Village gold and silver smith began in 1935. The types of products produced also vary. In addition to ceremonial tools for religious purposes, they expanded product variants into jewelry (accessories) such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches and so on.

Some of the traditional decorative motifs that are made include Balinese ornaments inspired by the surrounding plants such as Liman Paya which is inspired by the hands or tendrils of pare (bitter gourd) that resemble conical spiral coils. Then there is also the Buah Gonda (fruit of gooseweeds) motif which is then processed and developed further.

After the development of tourism, this Celuk Village in Bali became famous for its gold and silver handicrafts. The craftsmen community here also produces gold jewelry. Almost all residents of Celuk Village are now gold and silver craftsmen, who are skilled, creative and innovative in developing design creations and product variants with gold and silver handicrafts where the products have penetrated local, national and international markets.

Thus, Celuk Village is increasingly fitting into a center for gold and silver craftsmen. Its quality handicraft products are also well known to foreign countries so when they travel to Bali, they will definitely stop by to buy various jewelry or accessories as Balinese souvenirs.

The art shop in Celuk Village is open every day from morning to evening. When visiting here, guests can not only see various product variants, but also witness the process of making traditional crafts.

Celuk Village Bali jewelry gold-silversmith is located between Batubulan Village as a Barong Dance performance venue and Sukawati Market. Thus, a visit to Celuk can be a travel package if you want to buy Balinese souvenirs in the form of gold or silver jewelry and accessories.

The location of this village is also strategic because it is on the Batubulan tourism route (Barong Dance Stage) – Sukawati Art Market – Ubud (center for the arts) and Kintamani. So when wishing to take this Celuk Village tour, you can stop by after watching a barong show or coming home from Kintamani excursion

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