Melasti Beach Bliss: A Relaxing Escape to Remember

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Melasti Beach
Melasti Beach at Ungasan Viilage, South Kuta. (Image: Wonderful Image)
  • STEP foot onto the fresh air of the coast at Melasti Beach. This exotic beach in Southern Badung never stops captivating potential visitors. Located at Ungasan Village, South Kuta, this beach offers cliff views, the charm of playing with water, watching sunset views and so on.

The South Badung area has many charming beaches, ranging from those with black sand to white sand. There are several options other than Kuta Beach which is already legendary among visitors. Well, one of them is Melasti Beach.

Melasti Beach is perched on Jalan Melasti, Ungasan Customary Village, South Kuta, Badung. From Denpasar this location is about 26 km and will take you about 50 minutes by car and is quite close to Pandawa Beach.

Some say Melasti Beach is a perfect combination of heaven and earth. Perhaps this nickname is not an exaggeration because the location of this beach faces steep limestone cliffs, unlike other beaches which have a sloping topography from Jimbaran Beach to the north.

The road access to the beach is made snaking to find out the easiest path and it looks very artistic. Some of these exotic points make this beach very suitable for photography objects.

The beautiful Melasti Beach is located deep beneath the limestone cliffs. Before the local government built this new road, visitors had to climb down the cliff to reach the beach, where at that time there were only a few cafes and bars.


In addition to tourism facilities and infrastructure, the destination operator also builds a place to hold Hindu religious ceremonies and traditional art performances such as the Melasti Kecak Dance.

Some of the existing supporting facilities include toilets, showers and changing rooms on site. The parking lot is also sufficient to accommodate beach visitors’ vehicles.

So, if you need food and drink, you can find several stalls on this beach where you can enjoy fast food and fresh young coconut at low prices.

Melasti Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Bali as it is always kept clean by the officers regularly. On that account, the perfect place to come, relax and bask in the Balinese sun.


Here you can do some light yet attractive beach activities on the sidelines of your visit or vacation on this wonderful Melasti Beach Bali.

Swimming—this activity is considered suitable because the characteristics of the beach here are not too big.

Snorkeling—snorkeling enthusiasts should not forget to bring their own snorkel gear. You can see various marine biota because the seawater in this area is very clear.

Watching sunset—it is no less beautiful than watching the sunset from this place. Find a unique and safe location.

Take selfies—capture memorable moments of your visit with friends or family by looking for interesting and beautiful spots.

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