Kelingking Beach, a Hidden Treasure of Nusa Penida

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Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida
Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida (Image by Sua Truong on Unsplash)

BALI remains to have some sister islands. One of them is Nusa Penida. Located in the southeast of the mainland Bali, it now increasingly becomes a new popular destination and is flocked by domestic and foreign tourists. Kelingking Beach at Bunga Mekar village, Nusa Penida, for example, has grown into an instagrammable destination.

Magnetism of this matchless cliff looks like a neck of dinosaurs or T-rex projecting to the beach. Perfect combination of small cliff and typical local vegetation on top generates stunning scenery. Taking selfie at this location seems to have already become a must for visitors. Probably, no one will be willing to miss the opportunity without immortalizing this unique land. Many people say that the nature is like Bali Island in the 1970s. Please be careful all the times when being close to the cliff edge and make sure you are within safe protection of the fence.

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Charm of the cliff looks more beautiful in combination with the blue seawater. Likewise white sand down there is no less amazing because it is barely touched by human activities. To reach the white sandy beach, visitors must step down many stairs extra carefully. Do not forget to hold on the fence and step over slowly. If wishing to take pictures, do it when going down as you like because on the way back you will certainly get tired. So, you can focus on taking care of yourself.

To make a visit to this island, you can optionally take the sea route from Sanur Beach (Denpasar) or Padang Bay (Karangasem). From Sanur Beach, you can ride a traditional boat or speed boat for approximately 1.5 hours of cruise. Then, from Nusa Penida Harbor to Kelingking Beach, it will take you about 45 minutes, 25 km away.

For the sake of your safety and convenience, all visitors should pay attention to the instructions of tour guides or local attendants at respective object.

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