Badung Market, Traditional Market with Modern Touch

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Badung Market comes with new design.
Badung Market comes with new design.

LOCATED in the heart of Denpasar City, Badung Market is the biggest traditional market in Bali. As its name suggests, it serves various daily needs of local community. It opens from 06:00 to 24:00 to serve the community.

Why is it named the Badung Market while it is located in Denpasar? Indeed, it was named in accordance with the name of its previous region, namely Badung District before the birth of Denpasar Municipality. So, the name is related to the previous district and the Badung River flowing next to the market, while Denpasar is the capital.

Due to consideration of population growth and complexity of urban problems faced, it was then separated in 1992 into Denpasar City and Badung District. Badung district with its own civic center was relocated to Sempidi, north of Denpasar.

What Badung Market has to offer? This Badung traditional market is now modernly managed after it was re-built following fire incident two years ago. After holding design competition, the municipal government then got a new design becoming the latest look of the Badung Market.

In keeping with the development of tourism sector and predicate of Denpasar as Heritage City, the Badung Traditional Market Bali is then included in the destination to be visited in the City Tour Program of Denpasar. Hence, visitors get the opportunity to make a visit and have a closer look at this traditional market with modern touch. It is designed in unique Balinese architecture.

Its modern management is showed by the shopping application named Go Shop and can be ordered via Gojek. This service was commenced in March 2020 in responding to Covid-19 pandemic where people must apply health protocols like social distancing and avoid crowds. So, people can order their daily needs via the application and after that they just need to wait their order at home.

Besides, it also applies modern parking management and has underground parking space to avoid crowdedness during high season of local religious celebrations.

When paying a visit on Denpasar Tour program, you can buy Balinese clothes and a number of distinctive souvenirs. Just explore each floor of the market to have closer look at the market and make interaction with the sellers.

By the way, if you want to explore more textile and clothes or batik shirts or Balinese customary clothes along with its accessories like sarong and headdress, do not worry. Along the Jalan Sulawesi next to the Badung Market is the complex of textile shop-house. What is interesting here? When making a purchase you can still bargain in order to get the best prices.

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