Pilgrimage and Sojourn of Danghyang Nirartha at Melanting

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Melanting Temple
Melanting Temple in West Buleleng. (Photo: Kemenparekraf)
  • MELANTING Temple in the West Buleleng area, Bali, has a unique Balinese architectural style. Apart from functioning as place of worship for Hindus, this temple also attracts tourist visit.

One of the great temples in Buleleng District is Melanting Temple which stands majestically and beautifully at a height. This temple is located at Banyupoh Village, Grokgak, Buleleng. It is perched about 50 km west of the Singaraja Town. Apart from being strategically located on the edge of the Singaraja-Gilimanuk road, this temple also features stunning views overlooking the sea.

The location of this temple is quite close to Pulaki Temple including Pabean Temple, Ida Mutering Jagat at Pemuteran and Kerta Kawat. Judging from the history, they are closely related to each other.

This temple in Buleleng does not only function as a place of worship for Hindus, especially traders, it is also opened as a tourist destination because this temple in Bali displays the splendor of its traditional architecture in combination with the coloring of contemporary ornaments.

To reach the temple area, you have to walk up some stairs, through a gate with two welcoming large dragon statues that adorn the main gate of the temple.

Since it sits on the highlands, when you are in the temple area you can see the beauty of the surrounding nature, views of the green hills that surround this area and from a distance you can see the blue Java Sea.


Melanting Temple is one of the kahyangan jagat or public temples in Bali. This temple is functional because it is a place to worship Ida Bhatari Melanting or Goddess Melanting in order to invoke prosperity, fertility, safety and to be expedited in trading business. That is why in every market is established a Melanting Temple.


This temple was founded by Danghyang Niartha while on a pilgrimage from Java Island to Bali Island. His spiritual journey also carried out an important mission, namely to spread and instill the noble values of Hinduism in the people of Bali.

His journey to Bali was inseparable from the collapse of the Majapahit kingdom in Java. On the trip, he took his family like his wife and children.

During such a long and tiring journey, he rested because his wife, Danghyang Biyang Patni Keniten, was heavily pregnant at that time and felt tired and her legs were swollen and aching. She did not feel strong any longer to continue her journey to the East which was still far away.

Under such conditions, Danghyang Nirartha decided to continue the journey with several of his sons and daughters, but left his wife at that place accompanied by a daughter, Dyah Ayu Swabawa, and a number of her followers.

About the temple

The pujawali or festival of the Melanting Temple falls on the Full Moon of Sasih Kapat (fourth month in Balinese calendar) of October. So, this kind of ritual is held once a year.

To support the operation and activities at this temple, it has been equipped with supporting facilities such as a large parking area and kiosks selling various prayer equipment as well as drinks and snacks needed by Hindus or religious tourists who wish to pray or just to make a visit.

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