Tanjung Setia, another Surfing Paradise in Sumatera

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Surfing at Tanjung Setia
Surfing at Tanjung Setia, Pesisir Barat, Lampung, Sumatera. (Foto: Kemenparekraf)

Dear surfers, aside from Mentawai, here is another challenging playground for you. It is a surfing destination at Tanjung Setia. Precisely, it is located on Jalan Lintas Barat Sumatra, Way Jambu, Pesisir Selatan subdistrict, Pesisir Barat District, Lampung, Sumatra. This wonderful and natural beach as a gift from God attracts many visitors.

Due to facing Indian Ocean, this beach is famous for its challenging and high waves. Nevertheless, it is quiet exotic that will tempt surfers and photographers to experience and take images.

Perched in western Indonesia, this beach has long been familiar among surfing enthusiasts. The height of the waves on this beach is noted to reach in the range between 6 and 7 meters. In the meantime, the wave length is estimated to reach 200 meters. These good wave conditions commonly occur from June to August. So, this period is the right time to make a try for your surfing action.

Access to location

If you would like to make a visit or feel the sensation of surfing on this beach, you can depart from Bandar Lampung City with a travel time of approximately 5 to 8 hours by riding public or private transportation. For your convenience, you can also consult to local tourist information center of tour operator.

Surf competition

Recently, Tanjung Setia hosted the WSL Krui Pro 2022 surfing competition which was attended by 250 participants from 17 countries, namely Australia, Japan, Brazil, Italy, South Africa, Portugal, Philippines, New Zealand, Peru, China, South Korea, Thailand, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States of America, South Korea and Indonesia. In the meantime, 12 of them are local surfing athletes from the Pesisir Barat, Lampung, who received wild cards.


When planning a holiday or making a visit to this beach and in need of accommodation, do not worry. There have been various choices ranging from hostel, cottage, inn to hotel at affordable rates.

Meanwhile, there are also restaurants, food stalls offering Indonesian and local foods as well as other supporting facilities that will surely meet your needs at location.

Source: Wonderfulimage.id

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