Titi Banda Bridge, a Masterpiece and Icon of Denpasar City

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Titi Banda Bridge Statue in Denpasar
Titi Banda Bridge Statue in Denpasar.

DENPASAR, which is known as a city with a cultural perspective, always beautifies every corner of the city with various dazzling art masterpieces. There are statues of heroes, statues of saints, statues of figures in the Ramayana epic, vertical gardens, flower pots, large-sized puppet and so on.

Aside from showcased the works of the artists, it is also a part of the efforts in preserving local cultures so that future generation can know its cultural heritage from early age. At the same time, it gives an art showcase to passing travelers.

In the East Denpasar area, to be precise near the Kertalangu tourism village, Kesiman, for example, there is a Titi Banda Bridge Statue. Exactly it is located at the entrance to Denpasar from the east or the T-junction of Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai and Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra. It is a group of statues depicting Sri Rama along with his loyal folk taken from the Ramayana epic where he stands bravely at a height of 10 meters and faced east while carrying an arrow.

Broadly speaking, this art attraction in Bali intends to depict Sri Rama in his attempt to free his wife, Shinta, who was kidnapped and imprisoned by King Ravana of the Lanka Kingdom.

Well, on the way to Lanka from Ayodhya, Sri Rama encounters an obstacle because he has to cross the ocean that stretched out in front of him. At the suggestion of Lord Varuna, Sri Rama then establishes a bridge called Titi Banda with the assistance of a troop of monkeys who are his loyal servants.

Nila, a member of the monkey troop, is appointed as the architect under the coordination of the commander of the monkey troop, Hanuman. They then have to work hard to build the bridge without having to drain the ocean. The materials in use include rock and pumice.

Thanks to the hard work and good cooperation of the monkey troops who are loyal servants, Sri Rama succeeds in completing the bridge construction and crossing to Lanka.

A safe place to see it

The best and safest place to watch and take pictures of this icon of Denpasar is in front of the statue itself or eastern side of the road because parking space has been provided. Road users from the east, such as from Karangasem or Klungkung, can see the beauty of the statue more leverage.

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