Endek Fabric, Beautiful and Endless Heritage

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balinese endek fabrics
balinese endek fabrics

EVERY color has its own mood and every motif tells about the region. It is a brief description on the traditional fabric of Bali. The weaving tradition has been handed down through generations.

In the past, Balinese people have a tradition where each woman is required to have a skill of weaving before getting married. At that time, fabric has indeed not been widely available. Probably this skill was expected to be a provision for housewife in order she can make clothing for her new family.

Today, the tradition remains to be properly maintained. At least it can be used as a side job to get additional earnings for family. Housewife can optionally work in a weaving company or at home because she can work on the order at home after completing daily domestic works. In other words, they can work while taking care of family.

With non-mechanical looms, they can produce various kinds of traditional fabrics such as endek, songket and geringsing fabrics. Endek, for instance, has a number of variants. These variants are determined by motif, color and the yarn in use.

In terms of region, there are endek of Sidemen (Karangasem), endek Sampalan (Klungkung), endek rangrang (Nusa Penida/Klungkung), endek makepung or buffalo race (Jembrana) and broidery endek of Denpasar.

When this traditional fabric, in this regards the endek fabric, is nicely combined with modern design, it will produce elegant products. A number of creative fashion designers conjure it up into beautiful shirts, bag, shoes, uniform, wallet and so forth.

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